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Innovation and Change.

Assess the need for change in the context of managing change.

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Instructions... please read!!!! this is a power point assignment with speaker notes!!!! Using the materials from the course and resources from the Northcentral Library, research the scholarly literature on interventions and their role in the management of change. Be mindful of the importance to clearly communicate the essential messages to individuals and collective employee groups. As the external consultant, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will communicate the three most important interventions you believe are appropriate to the employee base. Be sure to include strategies that support these interventions and a discussion on how organizational support for innovation might change the companies’ attitudes and resistance to change as a whole. The target audience of this presentation should be middle management, individuals, and employee groups. You may assume that the senior managers are present and are in complete support of the changes and strategies that you are proposing.

Innovation and Change.

Assess the need for change in the context of managing change.

   Added on 2022-12-15

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and Change
Innovation and Change._1
Organisational Support
for Innovation
Important source
Technological innovation
More facilities
Time reduces

Become first preference
Innovation and Change._2
Interventions for Child
healthcare centre
Persuasive intervention
Restrictive interventions
Multifaceted Interventions
Innovation and Change._3
Persuasive intervention
Changing professional behaviour
Improve employee behaviour
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