Innovation and Commercialisation of A1 Comms Ltd : Assignment

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Innovation means to come up with new characteristics in existing product or services.
These days customer's demand is changing in day to day working. It is important that manager
has to perform various activities to come with new and innovative ideas. There is requirement of
planning and analysis of resources which are related to that innovation. This reports based on A1
Comms Ltd. which provide solution to communication related problems and they provide mobile
phones at affordable price (Bhagavatula, Mudambi and Murmann, 2017). Sometimes people
think that innovation and invention are same but it is not so this is discussed below. In this
report, innovation and its importance, role of culture, leadership, vision in making innovation
and invention. There are 4Ps of innovation which are discussed below along with innovation
funnel. There is requirement of frugal innovation to shape innovation in best way. Importance of
commercial funnel, application of NPD, tools used by organisation to retain, develop and protect
intellectual right.
P1 Innovation and its comparison with invention
Company has to make changes in their operations, to reduce company cost and time. But
there is requirement of proper planning before doing so, this will help to plan future actions.
Through this company can assign duties and responsibilities. Employees are also aware about
their code of conduct. In A1, there is need of change in working style to provide more
satisfaction to customer. This also help to improve and enhance image of company.
Unexpected- This type of innovation is done when company is trying sometimes new and
they get more than expectation then such idea is known as Unexpected innovation.
Process need- There are some specific process to complete task and objectives. But when
there is need of some improvement then manager of A1 Comms Ltd. Perform some
innovation in process. This aims at reducing cost and time of production (Balsmeier,
Fleming Manso, 2017).
Change in perception- There is change in perception of customer then this type of
innovation take place. This innovation is done at small level.

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