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Innovation and Creativity Assignment (Doc)

Added on - 16 May 2020

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Running head: INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY1Innovation and CreativityStudent’s NameUniversity
INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY2Innovation and CreativityInnovation is the development of new ideas or methods and applying them for betterbusiness solutions. Its role is better solutions that meet the needs of the market. Organizations incompetitive business understand that customer expectations keep on changing. Further,competition requires firms to develop new business processes to stay relevant (Sousa, Pellissier,& Monteiro, 2012). The basis of innovation is assembling different ideas from businessprocesses and putting them together to form a new strategy that can be applied in theorganization. According to Agbor (2008) there is no limit from where innovation comes from butrather an analysis of the working environment that encompasses teams, competitors and themarket itself. Thus innovation is a way of meeting the needs of the consumer through makingsure that they have a good set of antennae to pick up on these trends. The business model ofinnovation indicates that the process arises from the need to change business capabilities as away of transforming the organization to meet the changing needs of the market. Innovation as afactor may be driven by both internal and external factors which may propel management todevelop new ideas.Creativity is the process of forming something newWeinzimmer (2001) suggests that from the Four C’s model, this process arises fromtransformative learning that develops from meaningful interpretations of actions, insights andexperiences to develop new ideas that can be beneficial to the organization. From the model,creativity arises in the business environment as a way of overcoming the existing businesschallenges or seeking to make the environment better. Hon (2016) adds that as the organizationengages in different business processes, the need to develop new ways to address business
INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY3challenges pushes employees to formulate new ideas out of creativity. As time goes on, the ideasmay be incorporated to become part of the organization.The difference between creativity and innovation is that the former focusses onharnessing the mind to conceive new ideas or products as a way of solving problems. On theother hand, innovation is changing or improving the existing processes by taking new developedideas and making something useful from them (Hon, 2016). This may be evolutionary orrevolutionary. Therefore, despite the two concepts being different creativity can lead to newideas that can lead to innovation of better business processes. Therefore, it means that the latter ismeasurable through identifying unmet and unrecognized business need and using innovation todesign appropriate solutions.Innovation VariablesFrom a systems perspective organizations exist as a set of parts that work together toform the whole system. Each part moves in harmony to serve the goal of the whole business. Theparts work together and cannot be separated from each other and work together through a set ofrelationships between different parts. Therefore, every system is delineated by its spatial andtemporal boundaries that are surrounded and influenced by the environment that it operates in.Innovation is a business process that arises from the three variables of structural, cultural andhuman resource variables that foster innovation in the organization.Bergman & Coulter (2015) argue that structural variables exist from the nature of thebusiness environment and how the organization operates. Innovative business have been descriedas open systems that allow employees to explore every available opportunity that can impact theorganization. For example, the structure may exist in different forms that may promote
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