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Running head- Innovation in Construction Innovation in Construction

1Innovation in ConstructionIntroductionInnovation is frequently considered as the application of superior solution which meets the new needs of the market, process, and the people or consumers. In today's world innovation is very important or even we can say that innovation has become a necessity of business world. The world is changing very rapidly due to the advancement in technology (O’Cass et al., 2013). Technology is one of the fastest growing elements which have changed the lifestyle of the people. The taste and preference of people have changed, and they demand products or services of superior quality. Due to the advancement in technology the level of competition in the global as well as domestic market has been increased tremendously. Every organization is competing with the rival firms either operating in the domestic market or global market. The competition between the firms is becoming intense day by day and irrespective of the size and capabilities they are competing in the market (O’Cass et al., 2013). It means a small firm is competing with the large firm in the same market to survive in the market. Therefore, it is very necessary for every firm to outdo its competitors. There are various ways through which a firm can outdo its competitors such as positioning the firm into the mind of consumer differently, segmenting the market effectively and serve that better, improving the quality of products and services, highly professional, passionate, and motivated human resource, and innovation. Innovation means inventing something new that has not been discovered till now. Innovation can be related to products, services, or process of production. Therefore, the concept of innovation can be defined as something new, effective and original that breaks into the society or market (Kuipers et al., 2014). But the concept to be called as innovation must fulfill the following criteria;It should be replicable at an economical costIt must satisfy the specific need of the people

2Innovation in ConstructionIt should be original and newIt must create valueAn innovative ideaPhotovoltaic Glazing: Those building which is integrated with the photovoltaic glazing can generate their electricity because photovoltaic glazing helps in turning the building envelope intoa solar panel. There are many companies such as Polysolar which provides transparent photovoltaic glass as a roof and facades, forming windows, and structural building material (Tey et al., 2014). The photovoltaic glass is a technology used in construction which helps in conversion of light energy into electric energy. For the purpose of converting light energy into electric energy, the photovoltaic glass includes transparent photovoltaic cells which are semiconductor in nature also known as a solar cell. The photovoltaic glasses are not purely transparent, but we can say that the glasses are semitransparent which enable available light through.The building with a substantial amount of photovoltaic glass can generate electricity which is also known as clean electricity or green electricity. The produced electricity is known as clean electricity or green electricity because it does not produce pollution and the source of the electricity is renewable as well. It is also very cost effective and does help in decreasing the carbon footprint. The benefits of photovoltaic glass are also very much considered in a place which is characterized by extreme heat. The glass is not fully transparent which prevents the intensity of the light and helps in saving of air-conditioned cost. It is one of most important innovation in construction project because it gives a better look to the buildings along with its benefits (Pandey et al., 2016). It saves one of the most important non-renewable energy that is

3Innovation in Constructionelectricity. Electricity is very essential, or we can say that necessity of life, and without electricity, nothing can be done. The photovoltaic glasses produce electric energy from solar energy which is a great innovation. Argument for its selection and applicability of photovoltaicThe photovoltaic glass helps in generating one of the most important or necessary and non-renewable energies that is electricity. Electricity has become the necessity of life. Without electricity, I think nothing is possible in this world. Electricity has changed the life of human being. It has made our life easier, faster, and cheaper (Pandey et al., 2016). Everything is more orless dependent on electricity. From the acquisition of raw material to the process of production the role of electricity is significant. Even from the process of production to the delivery of product the electricity is very important. As we already know that electricity is a non-renewable source of energy and if we cannot use it optimally it will end in coming future. Therefore, it is very necessary to use it optimally as well as try to save as much as we can. Apart from this, we should also find some alternate source of electric energy for the future use. From this perspective, photovoltaic glass is very important because it generates electric energy from solar energy which is renewable (Tey et al., 2014). It saves the wastage of electric energy as well as it prevents the cost of electricity as well as the cost of air-conditioned. Therefore, the photovoltaic is very useful for us, and we should consider its usefulness.The introduction of related theoryThe diffusion of innovation theory is developed by E.M Rogers in 1962. The diffusion of innovation theory is considered as one of the oldest theories of social science. This theory states at what rate, why, and how the new technology and ideas spread over the time through culture

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