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Creativity and Innovation- Assignment

Added on - 13 Nov 2020

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1.Innovation is important and crucial for business success. Companies need to becreative to produce good ideas for product innovation that meet customerdemands. What are the differences between innovation and creativity?The emphasis is the principal distinction between imagination and innovation. Creativity isabout unleashing the mind's capacity for procreating fresh thoughts. Such ideas can appearin different forms, but more commonly they are what we can see, feel, sense, touch, ortaste. To one person's view, however, artistic thoughts may often be thinking experiments.By comparison, creativity is completely tangible. Innovation is about bringing inimprovements within fairly stable structures. It is all about the effort needed to make aconcept viable. Through recognizing an unrecognized and unmet need, a company mayleverage creativity to utilize its innovative capital to create a viable approach and to gain areturn on investment. Organizations sometimes seek creativity so innovation is what theytruly ought to follow.2.Identify organizational infrastructure areas and elaborate each of the item.Vision-The dream expresses what the company considers would be the best environment forthe society and how it will appear if you were ideally solving the crucial problem for you.By creating a mission statement, the organisation makes the company's values andguiding ideals visible to the general publicMission-The next step in the Action Planning process is to establish goal statements. The coremission of a company explains what the entity should accomplish, and how it does.Project statements are comparable to statements of vision but they are more specificand they are certainly more "action-oriented" than statements of vision.Objective-Having established an organization's vision statement, the next phase is to establish theconcrete targets that are cantered on fulfilling that purpose. Goals relate to concretetangible goals with the general aims of the program. Objectives in an entity usuallyindicate how much should be achieved by when.Strategies-Strategies clarify how the program can accomplish its targets. In general, organisationsshould provide a broad variety of approaches that would involve participants from manyof the community's various sections, or sectors.Structure-The distinction between frameworks and capabilities is that the systems make the usageof the aforementioned capabilities effectively. By fact, that implies the organisation'scorporate framework, procedures, and facilities. The best systems will act like a powergenerator helping the company to function even more efficiently and to evolve.
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