Innovative Supply Chain Management

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INTRODUCTIONTheglobal market of fashion retailingindustry is facing significant challengesin adapting to the new customerdemands.The supply chain management alongwith the logistics are considered to bethe main parts which are blocking thefollow of trends.The fashion industry is significantlysubjected to the unforced orunanticipated events like the inflation orfinancial crisis (fernie & sparks, 2014).
NEED OF INNOVATIONThe major issue of recent time in the fashion industry isthe increment of the lead time in between the arrival ofthe products to store from the manufacturing centres.The supply chain management of the fashion industriesare finding it significantly difficult to anticipate thecurrent trends and the complexity of predicting thechanges in the fashion style are the main barriers interms of acknowledging the consumer demands.The absence of perfect synchronization among thecustomer demand and the supply chain activity arealso contributing to the list of obstacles in the adaptionof the fast fashion changes for the industry (caro &martínez-de-albéniz, 2015).The adaption of fast fashion changes becomes difficultif there is absence of effective stock and that isinstrumental in switching over of the customers tosome other brands.
DESCRIPTION OF THECONCEPTThe inclusion of Powersourcers businessconcept into the fast fashion industries issignificant in generating the on-time or real-time information and that is highly helpful intransferring important information to thedifferent stakeholders of the organization(basu, 2017).The supply chain model will be significant inallowing the collaboration of the suppliers,manufacturers and the retailers in sourcingthe material with desired quality which will bealigning with the customer needs (grefen etal., 2017).The supply chain model will be significant in allowingthe collaboration of the suppliers, manufacturers,warehouse team and the retailers in sourcing the materialwith desired quality which will be aligning with thecustomer needs (grefen et al., 2017).
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