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Input is the raw data which when processed produces output.

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Input is the raw data which when processed produces output. The input design of a system defines how robust the system can be. It also determines the accuracy of the output it generates. The major property of an input design is to make the input form easy and straight forward. It should be simple, consistent and accurate. The major objective of the input design is to reduce the input volume, introduce validation checks and better input controls. In order to design the resume submission interface, the basic outline should be Student’s Name, Department, Email, Contact Number and finallythe Resume. Rest all details can be easily fetched from the resume itself. The main idea behind incorporating the online data input method instead of the batch input method is that the online data input methods are much better and efficient as compared to the batch data input methods. However the online input methods are a bit costlier than the batch method, still the online input method makes the system more accessible and interactive. The database gets updated in the real time using the online data input method as compared to batch system where it take days in finalizing the data input and storing in valid place. The data can be easily validated hand to hand in case of online input method whereas thevalidation process is very long in batch input method. The most important aspect of online input design is error handling. In case of any mistake, the data can be rectified and updated easily in case online input design while it is very long processin batch input design. Therefore the online data input design is more efficient as compared to batch design. Fig: Design of the Web Form for Submitting the Student ResumeAll the fields mentioned in the web form namely, student’s name, email, contact number, department and the resume, allshall be mandatory. Additionally, Email and Contact Number format validation can be used. Name and department shall not contain any numbers.

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