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Gender discrimination Assignment PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2021

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Gender discrimination against women is an issue that has been around since the beginning of
times and it cuts across all ages from young toddlers to adults where women are seen only as
objects to be seen and not as fellow human beings who can make decisions in the society. There
have been many assumptions over the idea of Muslim women and their place in society and these
assumptions end up affecting the way they are treated in in schools, work place and at homes.
This case is extremely worse in Muslim nations where all women are not given equal rights as
their male counterparts.Young Muslim female students undergodiscrimination. This is because
for themgoing to school is a waste of time and finances. That is why their counterparts are more
encouraged and assisted to thrive better in schools as compared to the girls(Bataineh 2017).
Several publishers have taken into account in trying to find solutions to the problem of gender
discrimination against Muslim women and there has been progressing in some of these findings
in research. The bigger question might be will it really solve the problem we are facing, as
discrimination is a deeply rooted vice that if to be extracted governments need to be a part of.
It has also been taken into account through research the unfair ways girls are treated in
classrooms by some authors. This is important as one can only solve a problem which one has
some kind of experience or has been able to see instead of just reading it.
Teachers who tutor young minds across the world, whose first language was the children’s native
language, should be seen as heroes because what they do is just remarkable. Such children are
mostly immigrants and end up in a country where they have to start all over again in terms of
education, change of environment, and learn everything afresh from what was aware of
The EPL teachers have been recognized all over the world for the important work they are doing
to these young minds but there has been a neglect over other teachers who use other modes of
teaching apart from trying to know the background of the students ((Norton and Pavlenko, 2004).
Teachers who teach using the native language to make young minds understand literature and
grammar can be a great source of information as they interact with the students in the language
they are comfortable with.Such studentwill comfortablycommunicate and be open to their
teachers as they feelthey have a connection, a connection of speaking similar language((Troudi
and Mahrooqi, 2014).
Communicative language teacher approach has been a technique being used in most nations to
help teachers get a better understanding of their students. Such teachingtechniques should be
recognizedbecause they all aid in making the world a better place (Raja pp. 97).
More attention should be given to all those teachers who use different approaches to
communicate their way to students and should be noted for that. It is the responsibility of
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