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Instructions: FOR LAB :You will be asked to develop a series.

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AMA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY – BAHRAINSalmabad, Kingdom of BahrainCOLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES___1st Tri, ___2nd Tri, __ 3rd Tri, ___ Summer, SY 2016-2017CSCI431-Computer Programming - II (Term Project)Instructions:FOR LAB :You will be asked to develop a series of programs based on the concepts learned inthis course. You will also be asked to execute these programs followed by a brief question answersession.(20 marks) Attached rubrics.FOR LECTURE :Student will also prepare a documentation listing of all the programs along withtheir output and description of the programs in your own way.(20 marks ) Attached rubrics.1. Banking SystemLook at theAccountclassAccount.javaand write amainmethod in a different class to brieflyexperiment with some instances of theAccountclass.Using theAccountclass as a base class, write two derived classescalledSavingsAccountandCurrentAccount. ASavingsAccountobject, in addition to theattributes of anAccountobject, should have an interest variable and a method which addsinterest to the account. ACurrentAccountobject, in addition to the attributes ofanAccountobject, should have an overdraft limit variable. Ensure that you have overriddenmethods of theAccountclass as necessary in both derived classes.Now create aBankclass, an object of which contains an array ofAccountobjects.Accounts in the array could be instances of theAccountclass, theSavingsAccountclass,or theCurrentAccountclass. Create some test accounts (some of each type).Write an update method in the bank class. It iterates through each account, updating it inthe following ways: Savings accounts get interest added (via the method you alreadywrote); CurrentAccounts get a letter sent if they are in overdraft.TheBankclass requires methods for opening and closing accounts, and for paying adividend into each account.Hints:Note that the balance of an account may only be modified throughthedeposit(double)andwithdraw(double)methods.TheAccountclass should not need to be modified at all.Be sure to test what you have done after each step.1
Instructions: FOR LAB :You will be asked to develop a series._1

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