Instructions for Submission 4 - SQL.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Instructions for Submission 4 - SQL_____________________________________________________________Please Remember:The coursework brief states that you must meet the following criteriaDocument type:MS Word or PDF unless otherwise stated(in this case an A4 printout)Font:**Titles: Arial, bold, size 12 or 14Text: Arial, size 11 or 12 (including text/labels on diagrams)Spacing:single line spacingHeader:Left: Student IDs, Right: unit name (INDADD)Footer:Page numberPage Title:Task number and title, for example “Task 1: L0 DFD”Order:Each task should be printed on a new page and submitted in task orderReferences:Harvard APA v6*Failure to meet any of these criteria will result in a 10 % penalty being applied to the work**Any work smaller than this will not be marked at all and receive a mark of zero_____________________________________________________________Step 1: Document1)Create a MS Word document called up654321.docx2)Add to it a suitable header, footer and titleStep 2: Database CreationCreate your database and grab a screen capture ofyour command and the VMs responseNote: 1)You do NOT need to create a folder to put it inasit says in the original coursework brief2) Some graphics editors let you invert colours in graphics to save inkStep 3: Table CreationFor each table:1)Write your SQL to create thetable2)Paste your SQL into your VMand run the code3)‘Describe’ your table4)Grab a screen capture of yourSQL and the VMs response andput it in your word document
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