Single Player Third-Person Shooter Game


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INSTRUCTIONS: This project is due at the very last day of class. You have ONLY ONE MINUTE to demo your project. You are required to fill-in, sign and submit this sheet when you demo the project. You do not need to submit your project electronically, instead, you only need to demonstrate itfor the instructor on the deadline. Also, you need to submit a HARDCOPY of the GDD for your project on the deadline.You need to design and implement a single player third-person shooter game using UnrealEngine. The design and the story of the game are up to you. However, your game has to benefitfrom the following components (required): Terrain (You may build or import the terrain) Matinee (Camera or Actor) There have to be enemies involved in the game (actors that the player has to challenge with inorder to achieve the game goal). Game environment has to be complex and exciting (architectures, lights, nice textures, largemap, etc.). Hesitate from creating a small game with simple actors in it. You cannot use the default built-in 3rd person character in your game; instead, you have tochoose a different character (import one from UE webpage). You can use blueprints, or, if you prefer use C++ classes, alternatively. Be creative and thinkabout a nice and exciting game story. Next, start designing the environment that best matchesyour story. Rubrics: GDD: 10% Game goal: 5% Third person character used in game: 5% Enemies 10% Art work, game scenes and environment: 20% o Landscape o Light oArchitecture o Map Blueprints used 30% Matinee: 10% Artwork for start game, game over, HUD, etc. 10% The marks assigned to each item above arethe maximum possible points you may achieve. Therefore, the mark you get for each component,depends on how fascinating the component is implemented.
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