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Instructions. With the exception of the last hypothetic

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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InstructionsWith the exception of the last hypothetical, provide at least one relevant statute and case fromNew York Stateto answer the following situations. The relevant law should be highlighted ineach document. Provide documentation that the case provided is still good law.You can providethe authority as an attachment to an email or as a PDF document. There is no need to draft amemorandum. A short, one or two sentence, answer can be provided in the email accompanyingthe authorities.The case reference should be accompanied by a pinpoint citation.All authorityshould come fromNew Yorkstate except for the military law issue.Ensure citations andpinpoint citations are in accordance with Bluebook 18thedition. (Quick Reference Guideprovided).1. A client consults your supervising attorney. The client is charged with burglary. The client isaccused of going into a house that was vacant and listed for sale to get out of a severesnowstorm. He entered through a rear door that was closed but left unlocked. While in the househe ate a bag of potato chips he found on a table.The attorney would like to know whether the client has committed the crime of burglary.2. You are a Legalman in a defense office. Commander Jones asks you to perform research in thecase of Petty Officer Smith.Petty Officer Second Class Smith is part of a SEAL team. Last year he converted to Islam. Afterhis conversion, he was informed his team was going to deploy to Afghanistan. Petty OfficerSmith did not want to participate in a war against Muslims. He sought religious guidance fromhis Imam. As a result of this counsel he informed his Lead Petty Officer that he could not deploy.His beliefs appear to be heart felt. He missed the scheduled movement and subsequently filed aconscientious objector package.His Commanding Officer has initiated a court-martial proceeding.Commander Jones would like you to provide relevant statutory and case law regarding PettyOfficer Smith's situation.3.You are asked to attend a consultation with a new client.The client relates the following:The client has recently moved into your state.He is a single parent of a twelve year old boy.Recently, the child has begun to “act out.”He loves his child and desires to keep him from“getting off track.”In this effort, he believes he will have to spank the child.Corporalpunishment by a parent is allowed in the state in which he previously lived.However, he hasbeen told that it is not allowed in his new state.He would like to find out if he will be subject tocriminal sanctions if he should spank his child.
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