Database Design Using MySQL: Assignment

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Instructions:You need to create a database design using MySQL Workbench EER Modelling tool. ERD tutorialinstructions are provided in the course informationThe ERD should have appropriate Entities, Relationships, Foreign Keys and Primary KeysThe Attributes should have appropriate DataTypesSave the model as a .mwb file with your name in the filename.Use the data items below in your model.Data Items (Attributes)The data items below are (somewhat) self-describing. However, one or two are not as straight forward asthey might seem. It is best if you develop a data name which is descriptive, but not to long. The listbelow excludes Primary Keys because it would make the Entities too easy to define. Create appropriatePrimary keys where appropriate (ie Student ID) However, Result ID is not an acceptable PK.(Excluding the Primary Keys for your entities)Student first nameStudent last nameContact phone number for studentStudent emailStudent nationalityStudent birth dateStudent gender (M/F)Student date of enrolment ( commencement date at the school)Student date of enrolment (in a specific subject)Student grade (Pass Fail etc. )Student result (0-100)Date resultedSchool nameSchool addressSchool phoneSchool emailTeacher nameTeacher phoneTeacher emailSubject nameSubject descriptionSubject coordinatorCost of the subjectDuration of the subject (in hours)Quantity of assessment items for the subjectCreate appropriate primary keys & foreign keys where necessaryIe Student ID, School ID are OK, however Result ID is not acceptable
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