Integrated Emergency Management System - Assignment

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INTRODUCTIONIntegrated emergency management system termed out as system that is mainly designed tomanage multiple aspect of enterprise operations in line with varied standards (Canton, 2019).Therefore, IMS defined as to get involved into merging external formal system and to implementthe specific practices at the organisation worldwide level. Thus, implication of integratedmanagement system provides the framework that aids to have reduction in duplication and alsoimprove efficiency.Management system are developed, maintained, implemented via one system withprocesses that cover each standard requirement. Additionally, implementation of IMS is one ofpositive move for enterprise that compared with operating co-joined management system.The present report is based on integrated emergency system. However, assignment willcover following activities as role of emergency respondents and relevant legislation, importanceof planning and preparedness for emergencies incidents, to take steps to investigate emergencyincidents that are managed by the public service. Lastly, review the response of public service todeal with real world emergency incident.LO 1P1Emergency planning is linked with civil protection duty on category 1 responders. It is theterm that relate with maintaining the plans for averting, dropping and modifying the effectswithin the both phases as recovery and response. However, it takes action in the event ofemergencies. It places duty on this following organisation as-Accept risk assessmentTo accomplish the corporate continuityTo carry out the emergency planningTo inform and instruct the public authority during the emergency.Civil contingency act 2004- This is defined as crucial pieces of legislation to the emergencyplanning for the incident as flooding (Sahota and Bennett, 2019). Therefore, it is termed out asclear set of roles and responsibilities for individual who gets prepared in emergency preparationat local level. Therefore, this involves organisation in the health system in order to get preparefor adverse incidents and events. Organisation need to determine that they must have undertakenrisk assessment and that carbon reduction delivery plans.1
The NHS statement on internal control is an annual reporting requirement for entity andthis also aids them to meet obligation of civil contingencies act. This is effective methods thatprovides the resources that are being appropriately managed. Therefore, it is the term that isinclusive of the mandatory disclosure on the climate change adaption and mitigation that ensuresthe risk assessment that are needed to be undertaken.The category 1 organisation at the core of response to the most emergencies and they arealso subjects to the full set of civil protection duties. Henceforth, this act provides localauthorities to the full set of civil protection duties.Henceforth, category 2 enterprise come together to form local flexibility forums that canassist co-ordination and co-operation between the respondents at the local level. Hence, they areless likely to interrelate with heart of planning work that can affect their own sector. They are therespondents who have lesser set of duties.P2Public work agencies are responsible for protection and preservation of life, evidence andthe environment. Therefore, it plays vital role in terms to undertake disaster prevention,preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery. The poorly prepared plan can lead todisorganised evacuation and emergency response that results in property damage injury andconfusion. Henceforth, responsibilities of emergency responders defined in below contexedmanner as-Police Scotland- In this, the main zones of police obligation at the key incidents are as-The saving of life.Effective interaction during the phase of emergency.To protect ad preservation of scene.To take steps to identify the death.HM coastguard- This is defined as emergency response branch of the maritime and coastguardagency. Therefore, this is defined as administrative emergency under the department of transportand this also leads role in terms to deal with incidents at sea side area. Thus, its defined in thefollowing manner are as-To minimise the loss of life among the coastal users and seafarers.To work as to promote, develop, impose high standards of sea safely and to take bettersteps in terms to the pollution prevention for ships.2
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