Integrated ERP Solution. The Enterprise Resource Planning

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Part 33.1 Integrated ERP SolutionThe Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP can be defined as the procedure that anorganization performs for integrating and managing their business portions into one. The mainadvantage of this process is that it reduces the complexities of the business or the organization. asuccessful business has several parts in their business, which include the inventory control, thepurchasing, planning of the business, human resources, marketing, sales and financedepartments. An Enterprise Resource Planning system integrates all these system into a singlesystem, thus reducing the overall complexities. The other advantages of enterprise resourceplanning are as follows:i)Security: The main advantage of the integrated ERP system is its security. ERP systemprovides extreme security to any business.ii)Efficiency: The second advantage of an ERP system is the efficiency. It is highlyefficient in performing any type of integration in the business.iii)Cost Effective: This is the main advantage for any business. ERP systems areextremely cost effective and do not incur much cost during its implementation and maintenance.It even reduces the operational costs in the business.iv)Collaboration: ERP system can easily collaborate with any other business processeseasily.