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RunningHead:INTEGRATEDFISHFARMING1Integrated Fish FarmingNameInstitutionDate
INTEGRATED FISH FARMING2Integrated fish farmingAnalysis of the business decisionFish farming in an integrated content means the process by which fish production is donetogether with production of other substances like vegetables and worms important for theirgrowth and development. Need to come up with this decision of integrated fish farming is to helpfill in the gaps of large demands of products made using fish both at local and internationalmarkets. The rate of consumption of fish made products is increasing at a very high rate as itsbeing discovered its relevant impact. To enable this production of fish in center of otherproduction of vegetables and worms important for adequate fish food production good conditionsare required. The level of soil nitrogen should be favorable as well as its biomass to enhancefavorable conditions for raring of worms and also vegetable farming important for fish food. Thesediment of the fish ponds should be right and conditioned in a way that they fit the requiredconditions of producing fish. Information on the means of feeding, quality of the food taken bythe fish, quality of water in to which the pond is filled with as well as that of biomass ofphytoplankton enhanced should be relevant.General research questions1.At what rate will the ponds be filled and drained off water?2.How will the soil nitrogenic level be evaluated?3.What type of worms are favorable to feeding fish that enhance more growth for moreproduction?4.What is the probability of increasing per capital use or consumption of fish products to ahigher rate?
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