Integrated marketing plan.

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INTEGRATED MARKETINGPLANCase studyNameSubmitted todate[DATE][COMPANY NAME][Company address]
INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PLANTarget AudienceThe target audience for hair care product is women and young girls between the ages of 14 to 19.These young girls are college and school going and depend on their pocket money. This targetgroup do not prefer expensive products as they solely rely on their pocket money. These younggirls want cheap and effective hair care products helping them groom their looks. These girls arelike reading fashion magazine and spend time on social media and aspire hair like leadingfashion models at affordable price.Communication & Marketing ObjectivesThe scope of the project is to create an IMC plan for positioning the company with as leadinghair product brand in the area (Yeshin, T., 2012).The underlined objectives will be beneficial innarrowing the scope.Communication objectives:For position the brand as leading hair care products, the following must be set as communicationgoals:Communicating with the target audiences regarding the inexpensive servicesInforming clients about various healthy hair care practices using social mediaDeveloping community relations for building positive reputation.Marketing objectivesThe organization aims to gain high awareness resulting in high sales. The marketing objectivesfor this range of hair products will be (Holm, O., 2006):15% increased annual revenue by the end of the six months.Increasing the weekly customers by 30% within 3 monthsEstablishing online presence for engaging 30 % of the salon clients.Marketing MixProductsThe hair care products include mild shampoos, conditioner, styling products. A tonic shampoowill also be introduced for the girls who have damaged hair due to excessive heat. Organicstyling serum and gel have also been introduced for the girls who like to try new styles everyday.Place
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