Integrating human rights into development

Added on - 24 Apr 2021

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Running head: STATES SHOULD NOT CONSIDER HUMAN RIGHTS LINKS IN GRANTING PTRS1States should not Consider Human Rights Links in Granting PTRsStudentInstitutionProfessor
STATES SHOULD NOT CONSIDER HUMAN RIGHTS LINKS IN GRANTING PTRS2Many of the world’s large economies have coined human rights language into their PTRs.Going by this fact, about 70 percent of the states in the world now form PTAS with human rightsagreements. The increasing number and scope of these trade agreements mirror a new reality thatpolicymakers have an understanding that economic integration will not be successful without anaccurate focus on improving governance between trade partners.Research has proven that any person who has traded, has wrestled with how to advancehuman rights while expanding trade. As explained by Spilker & Böhmelt (2012) in some cases,policymakers have used both hard and soft provisions to ensure human rights are respected. Thisessay does not oppose that including human rights provisions in PTAs have positive impacts onthe member states but instead seeks to shade more light on the shortcomings of introducing suchrights.First, the inclusion of hard human rights standards with implications for noncomplianceinfluences member countries to establish and respect human rights. For instance, since joiningNAFTA, Mexican government become more responsive to the public issues like workinginternationally to protect the labor rights of its citizens (Spilker & Böhmelt, 2012). Second, it hascontinued to change the behaviors of some countries towards their citizens. For instance, afterThailand entered into PTA negotiations with the US, it drafted a report, pledging to adopt USlaws if the PTA agreement is successful to ensure the rights of its citizens are protected.Conversely, the inclusion of human rights when granting PTRs has several problems.First, some policymakers do not view it appropriate to indulge in the affairs of other countrieseven in the most extreme instances of human rights violation (Aaronson & Higham, 2013).Second, states have different opinions on whether to accept PTRs with human rights provisions.For instance, Australia has rejected negotiating trade agreements with human rights links. Last,
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