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Integrated Health Care System

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1INTEGRATION OF HEALTH SYSTEMSAn approach that is characterized by a high level of collaboration among the healthprofessionals and their communication with each other is termed as the interprofessionalhealth care or integrated health care (Shi & Singh, 2015). Integrated health care system aimsin the sharing of the information that is related to the patient’s physiological condition amongthe members of the team. They also set up an appropriate treatment plan according to thepatient’s physiological, psychological and the social needs and provide a better health carefacility. The integrated health care system helps to reduce the depression that a patient mayoften suffer from. They also help to reduce the cost of the treatment as well as improve thequality of care provided to the patient. It also makes the patient’s access easy to the healthcare system. An integration of the health care system is meant to provide all the requirementsof the patient and as a result it increases the quality of the service and is cost effective. Horizontal integration in a health care can be stated as the coordination of variousactivities among the health care facilities that are in same stage. These include themultispeciality hospitals (Evans et al., 2014). Vertical integration in a health care is theservice coordinations among the operating units that operate in a different manner. Adventist health is one of the vertically integrated health care systems that readilyincrease the quality of the health care that is being provided to the people of my community.It is comprised of forty-four hospitals, a large number of clinics and centers for theoutpatients, rural health clinics, joint-venture retirement centers along with a wide number ofmedical staffs and the physicians. The Adventist health is located in Roseville, California and offers a direct medicalcare as well as provides tele-pharmacy services (CRAWFORD, 2014). The tele-pharmacyprovides services in the rural area which helps the hospitals located in this area to improve
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