Integrative Supply Chain Management


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Integrative supply chain management11)Impact of trade promotion in cycle inventory?The manufacturers use different trade promotional schemes to offer a discounted price over thetime period , up to which the discount will be effective. The ultimate goal of the trade promotionis to achieve the manufacturers objective by influencing retailers. (Lee ,2017)The key objectivesof trade promotion from the point of view of a manufacturer are as :Encourage retailers for using price discounts, and displays.The inventory will be shifted from the manufacturer to the retailer and then to theultimate customer.The use of trade promotions will lead to the increase in the cycle size and the lot size of theinventory because of the buying impulse created by the retailer for the ultimate consumer,whichwill ultimately lead to the reduction in the supply chain profits.2)Identify managerial levers that reduce a lot size and cycle inventory in a supply chainwithout increasing cost?The managerial levers that will reduce the lot size and the cycle inventory in a supply chainwithout increasing cost are-The change that will lead to the reduce the incentive of the sales person for pushingthe product to the retailer will ultimate leads to the reduction in the bullwhip effect,and the manager will link the incentive of the sales people indirectly selling the unitsto the customer and not to the retailer .(Ross,2013). The other managerial lever that will help in reducing the lot size in the supply chain isthe offering of quantity discounts on the volume based orders, which will eliminate
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