Integrative Supply Chain Management.

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Running head: Integrative Supply Chain ManagementIntegrative Supply Chain Management[DATE][COMPANY NAME][Company address]
Integrative Supply Chain Management11)Role of transportation in SCMIn logistics , transportation plays an important role for the smooth running of logistics. Logisticsis defined as the management of the flow of goods from the origin point to the consumptionpoint. In logistics,various modes of transportation are used like air , land, sea transportation.(Closs,2015) Transportation is considered as the largest component in terms of cost structures inbusiness logistics. The logistics managers, who are beating the competition, on the large extentacknowledge transportation , in terms of cost saving drive , that will create value in the supplychain. Transportation also provides an organization , opportunity of creating operationalefficiency and improvement in the bottom line.2)Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different modes of transportation?The strengths and weaknesses of different modes of transportation are-Road transport has the ability of loading and unloading of goods and services, in terms offrequency of delivering of goods at the door to door location, but it also suffered fromseveral weaknesses like it involves a high cost for long distances and the productivity isalso low. Air Transport has the strength of highest speed in terms of delivering goods to remoteplaces with high reliability but it also suffers from several weaknesses like the cost ishigh in terms of fuel consumption, and the adverse weather also affects the working .(Rushton,2014)Water transport is the convenient mode of transportation in terms of heavy loadtransportation and low maintenance cost,but the weakness is that it requires huge initialinvestment.

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