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Integrative Supply Chain Management

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This article discusses revenue management tactics and their effectiveness in supply chain management. It also provides insights on the effect of business growth on operating costs, transportation costs, and inventory. The challenges faced in designing the expanded supply chain and how simulations and operating data were used to address these challenges are also discussed. The subject is supply chain management and the course code is not mentioned. The article is relevant for students pursuing business management courses.
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Integrative supply chain management 11.Identify conditions under which revenue management tactics can be effective?Following are the conditions under which revenue management strategies can be viable: The item's esteem should be distinctive in different market portions. The strength of the item is short and thus perishable in nature. There could be a probability of the event of wastage in the Product. The saleability of the item is the end goal that it could be sold as the unitary item orlikewise in part. 2.Following completion of the Week 9 SCM Globe activities, please comment on thefollowing:a.What is the effect on the supply chain in terms of operating costs, transportation costsand inventory as you support business growth?Transportation costs are commonly 5-6% of an organization's income and a noteworthysupporter of general item costs. Better transportation administration enables organizations toenhance their general production network proficiency. (Vakharia,2015) On the other hand theoperating costs are considered as the important costs that will be considered in the supply chainmanagement in terms of business growth the firm has to minimize the total production cost ,which will tighten the operating cost and reduce the cost of input, but it will be only done if thesupplier reduce the cost of supplies and it is only done by building the long-term relationshipwith the supplier. (Bowersox,2015) In the same way, the inventory plays an important role as itfacilitates demand and supply , by effectively managing the reverse and forward flows in thesupply chain.
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