Integrative Supply Chain Management.

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KEY MATRICS FOR TRACKING THE PERFORMANCESupply chain metrics are said to be the combined metrics of production, procurement, transportation, and warehousing, material handling, and customer service.( Zhu etal 2006). There are five supply chain drivers like production which include the key matrices like production material and the average payment period ,inventory which include inventory turnover,perfect order measurement , and the inventory days of supply , location which include the supply chain cycle time ,transportation which include customer order ,cycle time fill rate and freight cost per unit and in information we include supply chain cycle time, cash to cash cycle and freight bill accuracy.STRATEGIC FIT A competitive strategy will discuss the customer segments to which the company wants to satisfy.( McLaren,etal,2004) .To achieve the strategic fit the company has to ensure the supply chain capabilities support will satisfy the concerned target customer segment. There are three basic steps to achieving strategic fit which are: 1.In this, the company will try to understand the customer needs according to the target customer in satisfying the needs according to a supply chain. In this, the company definesthe cost and service requirements which helps in identifying the disruption in a supply chain. 2.In this, the company tries to understand the design of supply chain.3.In this, the company identified the mismatch regarding the restructuring of competitive strategy.

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