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Smart Transit idea: saving time and resourcesQuestions:How much fuel is lost in daily journeys due to traffic congestion?How many people may be at risk due to poor road conditions or construction activitieshappening during their road journey?Is it possible to provide real-time data to motorists as well as tourists so as to avoidinconvenience and save time?Findings:The 2011 earthquake that devastated central Christchurch, created a very big opportunityfor New Zealand to develop a real “smart city”. After a few years of this earthquake, theSensing City project was coined. The aim of this project was to rebuild Christchurch intoa world class state-of-the-art smart city. However this project did not see the light of theday as stakeholders were more focussed only on restoring basic infrastructure.Roger Dennis, Head of the Sensing City Project, said that the project failed as there waslack of movement and the respective authorities were unable to cash on the opportunity.However, under the management of the University of Canterbury, the air pollutionmonitoring project was launched and is running as on today.In spite of the implementation problems faced by the government, city councils alongwith tech companies like HMI and NEC have undertaken smaller test projects in smallercities. On a trial basis, Hi- technology beacons have been installed between Christchurchand Queenstown which provide information to motorists about road safety , traffic
congestion ,road condition ,journey time etc. Although results of this pilot project are notyet declared, this type of smart initiative can help to eradicate transit woes forcommuters.Such type of real time data can also be made available to tourists which will help thembetter navigate their places of interest; this can help improve tourist influx therebyhelping the economy as well.In Auckland, the transport authorities are able to plan better routes and analyzecongestion reducing ideas like constructive pricing with the help of real time dataprocured from buses and sales at ticket counters.
Smart environment: optimum utilisation and improving qualityQuestions:Questions:How is the pollution in the country impacting the lives of its citizens?What can be done to optimize the use of available natural resources and can alternativeresources be put to use?Findings:Former IBM and Siemens executive Steffen Schaefer has been a part of various smartcity ideas around the world. According to him, there are various other areas wheretechnology can have a big impact on efficiency. Areas like water and air qualitymonitoring(green gas emissions) energy (microgrids, alternative power sources likegeothermal, wind solar etc.) and defense against natural disasters are very integral partsof any smart city project.At the time of upgrading its water filter system, The Oamaru Water Treatment Plant ofWaitaki District installed intelligent sensors that will help authorities monitor the impactof the efforts taken to supply clean drinking water.KITE Smart City Platform was developed by NEC to collect sensor data on water and airquality, quality of street lights efficiency of waste management etc.In order to maximize energy generation from renewable resources, Unison Networks hasdevised a Smart Grid Network.It involves building of hi-tech communication systems.
ThisNetwork will facilitate reduction of capital costs by 30 percent along a 10-yeartime frame, while upholding network performance and quality and also reducing costs toend users.Smart living-safety and quality of lifeQuestions:Can a person live in constant fear of his and his family’s safety?A person paying 15-25% of his income as taxes, doesn't he expect better and convenienthealth services?
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