Intensive medical care.

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Intensive medical care1A look into the nature and causes of human errors in the intensive care unitNameSubmitted toDate
Intensive medical care2A look into the nature and causes of human errors in the intensive care unitStrengths:The findings of the paper present a crucial importance to the paper in case ofintensive medical care. In an intensive medical care it was seen that the nurses are involved inmuch more continuous monitoring of each and every patient as compared to the physicians. Theycan act like an active liaison and help the physicians in avoiding confusion gaps along withbridging information gaps. The findings suggests the important role of nurses in the intensivemedical care. Further, they are seen to provide a suitable communication and exchange patternenabling the patients and residents to gain from it. The findings suggested a clear differencebetween the nature of the tasks performed by the nurses and physicians. Their role have beensuccessfully defined by placing the roles of nurses around the routine and repetitive activitieswhereas the activities of the physicians are comprised of the initiated as well as reactiveinterventions.Weakness:The issues in the study include the problems in the exchange of information. Therewere issues encountered in the verbal communications and only a few number of nurses andphysicians were seen to confer with each other in the activities. It was seen that nurses were notincluded in the physicians’ rounds leading to errors in diurnal distribution especially in themorning houses. It was seen that approximately 1 hour delay was seen due to nurses and thepossibility of errors increased during the shift change leading to further issues in the informationexchange. The probability of errors increased during the information exchange in the emergencyconditions. As the exchanges were misunderstood and misperceived most of the times. Thereforethere is need to establish formal briefing procedures among the staff member of the intensivemedical care. Further the findings depicted the issues like complicated access to the patient’s and
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