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Intercultural Communication: Assignment

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Intercultural Communication: Assignment_1
Intercultural communication is the discipline that basically understands thecommunication that happens across varied cultures (Martin and Nakayama, 2013). I basicallybelong to North America, the United States. In this regard, it can be said that my culture hasimposed a strong influence on my personality as well as the way I interact or communicate thethings to others. In my group, I include the friends who belong to the varied culture. Thus, I haveknowledge about cultures of different type of people.Besides this, I have my own assumption regarding the people and the society. Forexample, if I see any Indian men at that time I use to assume that he must be the very intelligentguy. This is because I have read in many articles as well as newspaper about the Indian peopleintelligence. In addition to this, if I see any girl wearing the stall on her head then I got to assumethat she must belong to Muslim culture and I should not go near to her. This is because, since sheis Muslim so she could be terrorist. Furthermore, I have many things from my Asian friends also.For example, I have learned that whenever I am communicating with the Asian people at thattime I should not see in their eyes. This is because; making an eye contact during communicationis the sign of disrespect in Asian culture. On the other hand, I also have the assumption that people who look like Africans are veryrude while speaking. This might be because of their black look. Thus, it can be said that these aremy assumptions regarding different type of people. These assumptions tend to cause a significantimpact on the way I behave or interact with the other individuals who are living in society. However, the deep structure roots of my own cultural lens are my family and the peopleof my own community. In this regard, it can be said that I have learned many things from thefamily as well as my friends. My family is the typical American family and we all love to travel.Herein, with an aim to shape my own behavior my mother has played a very significant role.Here, she has taught me all the major antiques of our culture. For example, she has taught mewhenever I am communicating with some other individual I should look into their eyes. This isbecause the given thing showcase my confidence. In addition to this, it also gives an indication toother individual that I am listing him/her with full concentration. Thus, the given thing will leadto cause a positive impact on the other individual. Furthermore, my mother has also told thatwhenever I meet with any individual I should hug them and kiss them on their cheeks. This is thepart of our culture and we should follow all these things. Besides this, in my community, many1
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