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INTERNAL ANALYSISBy: Kayelyn Korenek, Matthew Center, Samantha Penland, & Trevor BelcikCelaneseCorporation
Table of Contents4. Internal Analysis24.1. Organizational Analysis34.1.1. Corporate Mission34.1.2. Products and Services44.1.3. Leadership94.1.4. Organizational Culture94.1.5. Structure104.2.1 Tangible Resources134.2.2 Intangible Resources134.2.3 Core Competencies and Sustainable Advantages134.3 Value Chain Analysis144.3.1. Primary Activities144.3.2. Support Activities154.4 Financial Analysis154.4.1 Valuation Analysis164.4.2 Growth Analysis184.4.3 Profitability Analysis234.4.4 Financial Strength Analysis274.4.5 Management Efficiency Analysis304.5 Summary of Strength and Weaknesses35References361
4. Internal AnalysisInternal analysis is the study of an organization's competency, competitive position in themarketplace and the cost. The internal analysis provides necessary information about thestrengths, weaknesses; threats and opportunities (SWOT) of the organization. The collected datathrough internal analysis is considered very useful. With the help of this data, the management ofthe organization can build their strategic objectives to grow and sustain their business. Internalanalysis is conducted for the following purpose:Recognize Competency and Strength: The important purpose behind conducting internalanalysis is to determine the strength and competency of Celanese. This will give theinformation about the strength which can be utilized further in gripping the availableopportunities. With the measurement of the strength of the organization, one can easilyquantify whether the organization is using the latest technology or not.Identify Opportunities and Cost Position: Internal analysis helps the management of theorganization to determine the available opportunities for their organization and it alsodetermine the cost position of the organization in the market (Cabral, 2014). On the basisof the cost, the organization is able to gain a competitive advantage over their availablecompetitors.Measuring Competitive Viability: Conducting internal analysis by the management of theorganization helps in determining its competitiveness. A competitively viableorganization challenges its competitors to match the product or service offers to it, mainlyif it is utilizing cutting-edge proprietary technology.2
4.1. Organizational AnalysisAll relative aspects of the company are analyzed for doing strategic planning which helpsthe company to conduct all their functions as per the predetermined standards. Strategic planningof the company determines where it is moving over the next years, how it is going to reach there,and how it will know if it reached there or not. Strategic planning is done on the basis ofoutcomes generated from the internal analysis. The efficiency of the strategic plan mostlydepends on the quality of data collected by internal analysis or on the experience of strategic plandevelopers. In addition to it, the company aspect is also examined for knowing the marketposition of which helps the company further in the preparation of expansion plan for coveringlarge market. So, it can be said that strategic planning is highly related to the mission, leadership,products & services, organization structure, and its culture. This is because strategic planning isconsidered the base of all these functions (Goetsch, 2014). On the basis of the strategic planningreport, they perform their functions further. Strategic planning works as an input for thesefunctions which helps them in avoiding hurdles arises in fulfillment of their task. The mostimportant thing performed under strategic planning is that it enforces effective control on allactivities of the business so that predetermined objectives can be fulfilled in an efficient manner.4.1.1. Corporate MissionVision of Celanese is “Be the first-choice chemistry solution source for our customers”( The vision of the company means itwants to be the first choice of the customers by providing efficient and brilliant solutions tochemistry tasks. This will help the company in creating its brand image in the eyes of customers.Through its mission, it wants to indicate that chemistry solutions provided by the companycannot be provided by any other company.Mission of Celanese is shown in the following figure:3
( It means that the company wants to collaborate with its customers to buildfresh solutions and discover uses for a mature product which satisfy critical demands ofcustomers.Creating Customer Value: It means that Celanese wants to utilize the overall concept ofchemistry, universal business expertise or technology to build value for its customers andfor itself also.Improving the World: It means that Celanese wants to be committed, innovative andcollaborative to develop a healthy world environment to stay (Grant, 2016).Being Sustainable: It means that the organization operates its business efficiently whichhelps further in influencing the communities.Employee Growth: It means that the organization wants to build itself as a rewardingplace which works according to different growth opportunities and permits employees toutilize their overall potential.Shareholder Value: It means that Celanese wants to develop wealth for its shareholdersand employees through growth and profits.4.1.2. Products and Services4
After focusing on the above-mentioned chart, it can be said that the company is dealing invarious products (Ganan, 2012). During the production of its products, it utilizes high technologyso that it can enhance the quality of their products which makes their products different from itscompetitors. Profits earned by Celanese during 2006 can be seen in the following figure:5Products ofCelaneseBusiness unitsintermediateChemisteryCelluloseDerivativesEmulsionPolymersEVA PolymersFood IngrediantsEngineeredmaterialsBrandsEmulsion ProductGroupApparel Dyeingand FinishingEmulsionsCarpet BackingAdhesiveExxterior PaintsGlass Fiber CSMPolymersGlass FormerSecondary BindersGlass Fiber SizingPolymers
After looking at the figure, it can be concluded that chemical products of Celanese demandedmore by the customers. This was because the company is considered the best industry forchemical products.Products of Celanese:1.Polyoxymethylene (POM):This is sold by the engineered business materials whichmostly utilize the trademarks Hostaform and Clecon. POM is mostly utilized by thediverse end-use applications in the industrial, consumer, automotive and medicalindustries.2.Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE):Celanese is considered theleader of these products which are sold under the trademark GUR. Priority applicationsused in manufacturing the products are heavy machine, battery separators, and noise andvibration dampening tapes, etc.3.Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT):This product has a exceptional thermal/chemicalresistance, toughness and rigidity.4.Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT):These products are produced with extrastiffness and strength. Due to this, it will be beneficial for larger parts in comparison ofthermoplastics. The raw material utilized for manufacturing LFRT includes a differentrange of fibers, carbon, stainless steel and polypropylene.5.Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP):Brands of LCP mainly utilized for electronics orelectrical applications. These products are also used for high heat cookware applications6.Celestran continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFR-TP): This productreinforced polymer components which make metal no longer an option.6
7.Cool poly D-Series:This product has electrical isolation along with thermalconductivity.8.Cool poly elastomers:This product has a thermal conductivity with a soft to the touchtype of material.9.Cool Poly E Series:This product has electrical conductivity along with thermalconductivity, and is in the shape of a pellet and can be used for thermoplastic injectionmolding and other practices.10.Fortron PPS: This product is able to withstand high temperatures and has highresistance.11.Impet polyethylene terephthalate (PET):Exceptional physical properties with veryhigh chemical resistance.12.Riteflex thermoplastic polyester elastomer(TPC-ET): This product has goodresistance with elasticity of rubber with no softening.13.Thermx polycyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate (PCT): This product has shortterm temperature resistance with low moisture engagement.14.Vandar polybutylene terephthalate (PBT): One of the better products that haswonderful chemical and thermal resistance along with high heat deflection.BCG Matrix7
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