UNICEF: Internal Communication System

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Running head: COMMUNICATIONInternal communication of UNICEFName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1COMMUNICATIONUNICEF: Internal Communication systemThe United Nations Children’s Fund or most commonly known as UNICEF is programby the United Nation, whose purpose is to provide developmental and humanitarian assistance tomothers and children in the developing countries (UNICEF 2017).Internal communication system is the function, which is designed for effectivecommunication among the employees of an organization. This is a two-way process. There arevarious ways of internal communications, such as, email, telephonic conversation, newsletters,notices, leaflet, booklet, poster, websites, human resource portal and face to face interactions(Men 2014).Like any other organizations, UNICEF also uses the above methods for communicatingwith the employees. Along with these, it also introduced intranet in 2009 and re-launched it onthe SharePoint platform in 2014 for maintaining the communication process with its employeesglobally. Through intranet, the organization maintains a focal point for sharing educational andtraining documents for all the employees, creates internal communication plan for variousactivities, disseminates many internal communication products, like, international broadcastmessages, blog post, newsletters, presentations, FAQs, webiners, office stories and manages theinternal mobile apps and encourages more employees to use these communication products(UNICEF 2017).SharePoint platform is a collaborative web based platform, integrated with MS Office. Itis used to store, share, access and organize the business information of a company from anydevice using cloud computing. Employees of UNICEF use SharePoint for communicating amongthemselves and with the authority (Van Beneden 2015).
2COMMUNICATIONThe advantages of using SharePoint are as follows:It offers accessibility to cloud, resulting in more collaboration from any device and at anypoint of time.Mobile access features make SharePoint quite user-friendly. It also allows the UNICEFemployees to access the intranet even from the field.MS Office integration allows the employees to access the MS Word, Excel, PowerPointand other products easily for their job and it is accessible by others when they are doing acollaborative job.The security options are greater in SharePoint that allows for enhanced authorizationprotocols and greater authentication so that the user access is completely individualized.This allows the users to access only the relevant information in the intranet for their workand none of the unnecessary information comes up (Stuart 2016).The disadvantages of SharePoint are as follows:The search options need many internal customizations; hence, a lot of time needs to bespent on customizing the platform for the organization.The features are not easy for a new user and SharePoint also does not support any publicwebsites for browsing to complete their work (Van Beneden 2015).Apps are difficult to use and sometimes isolated and unmanageable.It can be recommended that, since SharePoint is a new platform, especially for the newemployees, UNICEF must arrange training for them before creating their access. In many cases,the employees cannot understand the customized features and they make critical mistakes whileaccessing the platform. It creates a risk for data loss and security threat.
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