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Running head:STAKEHOLDER ANALYSISStakeholder AnalysisName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
1STAKEHOLDER ANALYSISIntroductionAccording to Freeman (2010), a stakeholder is a person or a group of people or anorganisation who are either positively or negatively affected by the decisions, policies and theactions of the organisation they are associated with. The process of identifying the stakeholdersof an organisation and analyzing the intensity of their influence on the company and its operationis stakeholder analysis. It is essential for the company to analyze the stakeholders as it helps thecompany to manage the relationship with the stakeholders.About the organisationColes group was founded in 1914, the company ceased its operation independently on2007 and was taken under the parent organisation Wesfarmers. After the company was formedunder Wesfarmers’ ownership, there was a completely new management team. This teamdevised a six-point plan to restore the pride and image of the company. This time themanagement of Coles was focusing on the consumers as the most important stakeholders theywere convinced to provide the consumers a shop that would deliver quality, value and service ofhigh quality (, 2018).
2STAKEHOLDER ANALYSISColes GroupInternal StakeholderExternal StakeholderParent organisationManagersEmployeesCustomersGovernmentSocietyCreditorsShareholdersSuppliersStakeholder AnalysisFigure: Stakeholder Analysis according to Freeman’s frameworkSource: Author’s CreationThe stakeholders that has been identified for the organisation is based on the environmentthat they are present in, following is the image of stakeholder typology which will help tounderstand the importance of the stakeholders. According to Freeman (2010), the company hasto focus on all the stakeholders equally as the interest of each other is interdependent.
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