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Added on - Apr 2021

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1INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSThis paper examines about the ease of doing business index (EODB). World Bankdeveloped this index to measure the regulations affecting the businesses. High-rankingcountries in the EODB index signifies that the environment is more suitable for starting andoperating a local organisation (“Doing Business in Australia-World Bank Group”, 2018).Australia is selected to understand its EODB index and the challenges faced by newlyestablished business organisation. Australia is currently ranked 14 out of 190 countries in theEODB index (Acs, Szerb & Lloyd, 2017). The EODB index is explained with 10 differenttopics. The first and most important step of any business organisation is to setup the business,according to the EODB index of Australia the starting of business is very effortless. Dealingwith construction business helps to understand the procedures, cost and time requires inbuilding a warehouse, which also includes licenses and permits. In dealing with constructionpermits Australia ranks 6th in DB ranking. The next topic of EODB index is gettingelectricity. This topic defines the time and cost requires obtaining permanent electricitysupply for an organisation. Australia ranks 47, which is a big issue for a newly establishedorganisation. Registering property explains the time, cost and steps, which is needed toregister a property. In this topic, Australia’s DB rank is 51, which means it is quite tough toregister a property in Australia than most of the country. Getting credit is the next topic inEODB index, which explores two different issues bankruptcy laws in lending and the strengthof credit reporting systems. Australia’s DB rank is six in getting credit. Australia’s strength ofprotecting minority investors is very poor and ranked in 57. The protecting minority topicexplains the strength of the minority or new shareholders against the wrong use of corporateassets by the board of directors. The next topic in the EODB index is paying taxes. In thistopic, Australia’s DB rank is 26, which is comparatively lower. The next topic in EODBindex is trading across borders, which explain the cost, and time requires in exporting andimporting goods. In trading across borders, Australia’s DB rank is 95, which shows that
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