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BSBMKG603 - Manage the marketing process

Added on - 07 Oct 2021

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Task 2
1.Marketing Briefing Report
Overall Business Objectives
To achieve the profits of at least 10% per annum.
Strategic Marketing Objectives
Ensuring all the performance indicators, the financial operations and the possible results support
the strategic policies.
To identify the new and the expand of the existing sources of the revenue
External factors impacting on the company including:
The current economic conditions – Increase in sales of the products at the current
market by 20% over the next three years
The industry trends and market changes – Development of overseas market
The social trends and impact on the demand for nature care products – Increase in the
number of people who are purchasing while visiting the online store by 20%
Competition – Competition with other eco friendly and high quality of the beauty
skin care products
Marketing Mix
Place- Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Product- High quality and eco friendly skin care products
Promotion- Advertising on the Australian body, soul website and the natural health magazine
Price- Offers quality product at a premium price range
Product Opportunities
Cleansing cream for soothing of the skin during the removal of makeup, multi protection
moisturizing cream and regenerating facial scrubs
Promotional activities
Successful promotional activities like advertisement in the Australian body, soul website and in
the magazine of the natural health.
The current pricing strategy of the company is to offer quality products at a vey premium cost
The business is currently selling its products via number of retail outlets and the health food
stores. Furthermore website and shopping cart are some of the examples.
Marketing performance analysis
The company is at a strong financial position as depicted in the business plan and the estimated
budget is $50,000 for the upcoming financial years.
Recommendations for improving performance and marketing
Identification of new product ranges in the market to balance the competition
Review of the search engine optimization
Best practice integrated marketing communications to ensure maximum brand awareness
Continuation for the enhancement of the diversity at workplace
Strengthening of the skills for better customer support needs
The Marketing Director
Bisbane, Queensland
Subject: Appointment for discussion
Dear Sir,
In response to the marketing briefing report, I would like to discuss regarding the overall
business objectives together with the strategic marketing objectives of the company. The current
economic conditions together with the effectiveness of the marketing mix of the products of the
company need to be reviewed.
Hence I would request for an appointment with you for a though discussion of the document.
Thank you
Marketing Manager
3. Meeting for the discussion
4.Overall Business Objectives
To achieve the profits of at least 20% per annum within the upcoming years
Strategic Marketing Objectives
Increase in the sales of the product range especially the day cream which is popular among
women among 25 -55.
Expansion of the market of the products in the overseas retail stores apart from online shopping.
External factors impacting on the company including:
The current economic conditions – Technologies for the products and the services for
the increase in the revenue and the profit of the company.
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