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5.0 Chapter 5: Discussion5.1 Critical Discussion of the FindingsStudents studying nursing in Ireland experiences a number of stress related factors(Shen, 2009). Nursing students across the globe has been found to experience academicrelated stress factors, which impacts their psychological and physical situation. Explorationof international education culture present across a small and limited domain and help arrive atfactors that lead to stress. It can also allow reflecting upon stress mitigating roles throughexploration of various literature searches along with thematic descriptive analysis. Moststudies reflect that stress is generally higher during the initial years and generally reduceswith passage of time. Such literatures have been consistent with findings as well. Analysis ofsuch stress factors have been found to have several implications on disrupting work-lifebalance. Moreover, the study was conducted in order to arrive at the factors that led to stressin student’s life. Thematic analysis and descriptive results of the study indicate severalfindings for the study. The most important discussion pertains to not arriving at stresscausing factors but devising stress mitigating strategies. The current discussion diagnosisstress causing factors along with several mitigating strategies, which can effectively help toreduce stress.5.1.1 Stress Inducing FactorsIreland provides a suitable place where international students often take up multiplenumbers of courses. Nursing provides various opportunities for international students withpresence of job prospects. Various international students hence take up nursing courses inIreland however, end up facing a number of academic stress related factors. Such stressorsoften cause underperformance in students in academic as well as their personal lives.Analysis of all the relevant stressors indicates that levels of stress experienced amongst2
international students were much greater compared to students from Ireland. Stress factoranalysis amongst international students revealed that they found it difficult to bridge thecultural gap. Most international students found immense cultural gap in dressing, taste offood, communication styles to be different, assignments, study and so on(Folkman, 2010).Other stressors amongst international students were found to be financial stress. With moststudents arriving from fewer developing countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan andBangladesh which has contrasting culture as compared to Ireland, they are bound to feelstressed. Apart from cultural gap and lingual challenges, they feel multiple types of otherstressors as well from being unable to balance their work and life. They receive substantiallyless aid from the University, which causes them to feel more helpless. They resort to anumber of steps such that they are able to cope with the pressure and maintain performancelevels. Specific stressors have been found to have specific stress mitigating strategies. Thisanalysis is conducted purely on basis of student’s interview answers. The interviewer hadspecifically been able to design questionnaire on the basis that she obtains specific answers toquestions. This lead to understanding and developing a clear representation of ways adoptedby international students. Therefore, concluding from this discussion it can be said thatstudents experience varied types of stressors including academic and livelihood basedstressors.5.1.2 Stress Mitigating StrategiesThe several stressors identified with students had some associated mitigating factorsas well. Students had adopted stress mitigating strategies in order to deal with levels of stress.This concludes the most effective part of the analysis (Karaiskos, Mavragani, Makaroni,Zinzaras, Voulgarelis, Rabavilas & Moutsopoulos, 2009). While some students adoptedreligious shelter, some other selected part time jobs to overcome their levels of stress and3
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