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INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE LAW(5000 words, excluding footnotes and excluding bibliography)Write a 5000 word essay on the following topic:Critically discuss whether and how international law provides adequateprotection and redress mechanisms for local communities affected by adverseenvironmental and other impacts of activities of multinational companies in theenergy sector? Please remember to write the word count on the front page of your essay.The main text of the essay should be in 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing. Pleaseuse 11 point font and single spacing in footnotes. Please use page numbersThe written assignment will assess:In depth knowledge and understanding of a specific area of enquiry.A capacity to conduct critical analysis and present arguments associated withthat area of enquiry and draw reasoned conclusions.Research, analytical and problem solving skills.Written communication skills in the form of a structured, appropriatelyreferenced essay carried out within a specific time limit.Assessment CriteriaThe assessment criteria will consist of the following requirements, namely, that thestudent has demonstrated the ability to:Identify relevant essential, and any novel, legal and non-legal issuesIdentify, and make appropriate reference to, relevant treaties, customaryinternational law, general principles of law, and decisions of international courts andtribunalsMake appropriate reference to relevant opinions of commentators withappropriate citationsConduct critical analysis of relevant material

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