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Running head: IGT ERP IMPLEMENTATIONIGT ERP ImplementationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note:
1IGT ERP IMPLEMENTATIONQuestion 1What are the key goals IGT wanted to achieve using an ERP system?SolutionInternational Game Technology or IGT is the best manufacturer of slot machines andlottery machines. IGT had a habit to depend on several unique systems to control their uniquedepartments of accounting, manufacturing, sales and orders of customers. When an executive ofIGT needed to master the status of a particular order, he or she had to experience all the sorts ofsystem to search for a simple piece of information. To get rid of this particular problem, IGTdecided of adopting ERP package for their business of lottery machines (Schniederjans andYadav 2013).Enterprise Resource Planning is the mixed management of several business activities orbusiness processes like finance, sales, marketing, product and production planning,manufacturing, inventory and materials management (HassabElnaby, Hwang and Vonderembse2012). ERP is referred to as the sub classification of business management software that isnecessary to manage, collect, reserve and translate data from the previously mentioned businessactivities. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has various remarkable advantages, which make itextremely acceptable and famous amongst all small and big organizations (Hung et al. 2012).The major advantages of ERP are as follows:a) Efficiency: The main benefit of ERP is that ERP increments the efficiency andproductivity of any organization and which makes it famous for all (Candra 2012).
2IGT ERP IMPLEMENTATIONb) Competition: The next advantage is that it helps the particular organization incompeting with all other organizations in the market. It makes the process simpler for them.c) Cost Effective Maintenance: It can be simply maintained in lower prices and thus canbe termed as cost-effective. (Hung et al. 2012).d) Security: The next advantage is that these packages are extremely safe and secured andthus information never gets lost often.e) Scalability: ERP systems should be structured and they are extremely scalable andflexible for all organizations.The goals, which IGT wanted to attain by implementing an ERP package are as follows:i) The main objective of IGT was to integrate all of their systems flexibly. Theaccounting department of IGT required one simple system that will perform all of the accountingworks of the organization. Simultaneously, the other departments of IGT need their individualsystems (HassabElnaby, Hwang and Vonderembse 2012). Thus, it is recommended to IGT toimplement a full ERP system for their organization.ii) IGT needed a particular software that can be simply integrated or updated and also itshould be of low cost. Therefore, IGT selected ERP (Hailu and Rahman 2012).iii) The version of ERP that was selected by IGT implemented was SAP R/3 version 4.6ERP for their organization. The stakeholders of IGT needed to maintain their three majorfunctions of business that are manufacturing, development of product, and finance via theirplatform of ERP.

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