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Introductory evaluationIn this report, there is a detail explanation regarding the factors that support in opting a betteremployment options for future and also help in selecting an appropriate job location.Currently I am working as a guest service manager in Holiday Inn telford and now i havedecided to come back to UK in order to improve my skills as well as capabilities whichsupport in my career growth and availing better opportunities in future. The main reasonbehind this decision is that i want to become a General Manager within well-known hotelchain in UK. By working over my skills and capabilities I got a chance to work in a porchand technologically advanced area, which further contribute toward developing a bettercareer path for me by improving my rendering services skills. My work area was quitelimited in the Telford which is a town in England as hospitality sectors are still growing theirand individual development was not possible to a certain extent. There is also lack of trainingand other scope to improve learning which stopped my individual development as well. Bychanging by job location, I am expecting personal development that help in improving myskills, be able to get training and learn the usage of new technological devices that are helpfulin rendering quick and high quality services to the customers. I am eager to take newresponsibilities so that I become able to develop as an individual and able to earn moremoney.The main factors that are required for the development is flexibility and recognition alongwith provisions like adequate remuneration which depicts fixed salary, share of salesrevenues, bonus and extra compensations. There must be availability of contractual job sothat their remains a feel of security at workplace that help in performing operationseffectively. In addition to this, the job tenure must have a pension scheme that also provide apromise to secure future after retirement where I get money to fulfil my requirements tolivelihood. There must be positive relationships between employees and higher authorities sothat there is healthy working environment which support in developing my performancesfurther as an individual and can render services to the fullest to bring development to thecompany. In my previous work experience, I have worked with many other individuals undermy governance, which made my work more productive and easier. In the hospitality sectorsteamwork and integrated workforce helps in achieving the goals and objectivesTopic Entries3
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