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International Marketing Management (docs)

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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International Marketing ManagementName:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:
IntroductionDefinition:International marketing refers to the process ofcreating awareness of a product in the global market.Reasons:To increase product and services salesTo maintain market shareTo maintain competitive advantage among others
Smithfield Cattle CompanyHistory:Smithfield Cattle Company is family owned by Alf Smith andBob Levitt.Begun operating in the 1920s by opening butcher shops alongbusy streets such as BlakeCaptured the attention of potential customers and startedproducing grain an Feedloft for cattle that favored their growthand developmentCurrently owns about 18,500 heads of cattle, supplying acrossAustralia and other parts of the world.
Argentina Beef BusinessArgentina a South American nationWas major global exporter of beef in the past decades.The prolonged drought in the past two decades affected cattlefarmingRanchers shifted to crop farming creatingBeef consumption remained constant with reduced beef outputcreating a gap for supply(Jones 2018, p.276).
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