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Running Head: International MarketingInternationalMarketing
International MarketingIntroductionIn this report the strategies are discussed that are effective enough and which can create aseamless distribution network.Distribution network is a process which is interrelated with thegeneral population. The goods and services are moved from the producers to the consumers. Thesystem is a framework which is utilized by the organization to take the items from the maker tothe retailers.Strategies to implement to create a seamless network in IndiaDistribution network should be effective enough so that the products can be easily available tothe customers in effective manner. The distribution network is an important element in thebusiness.If effective distribution network is considered by the business then it can be easy toachieve the organization goals and objectives. The strategy which should be adopted and whichwill create a seamless network are many. Like, the track can be maintained of the channeldealers. By keeping track of the distribution channel and the channel dealers the area can beeasily analyzed where the improvement is essential (Cui and Mallucci, 2016).Inventory trackingand management technique should also be taken into consideration so that average can beanalyzed that which areas are performing in effective way and which area are not working good.The record should be maintained of the marketing histories where the distribution network hastaken place. It will enhance the availability of the product in the market. Also the focus should begiven on the local markets so that the availability of product can be taken into consideration. Ifthe product is not easily available then the availability should be enhanced in effective way(Kozlenkova, Hult, Lund, Mena and Kekec, 2015).For smooth distribution channel it is essential that the expansion should take place properly. Ifthe channel of distribution is stagnant then it is seen that the particular product has reached thelimit (Solomon, 2014).If the density of population increases the availability of the product shouldalso be increased. By expanding the market and providing the product on time can create aseamless network. If the distribution network is strong then the product can easily reach thecustomer. To set up an effective distribution network it is required to involve the dealers and
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