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Running head: INTERNATIONAL NUTRITIONQuestion and answers on international nutritionName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1INTERNATIONAL NUTRITIONAnswer 1The term obesogenic environment refers to certain environmental factors that supportpresence of obesity. Such factors are known to promote weight gain and are not conducive toweight loss. Urban regions have less public spaces. Unsafe walking paths, unkempt parks andlack of recreational opportunities greatly contribute to the above. Presence of conducive areas faraway from place of residence also inhibits exercise and physical activity. Limited accessibility tofresh fruits and vegetables and the lure of junk food joints and ready-to-eat meals alsosignificantly contribute to an obesogenic environment (Guthman 2013).High calorie and fat content in these foods add to the body weight. Moreover, diets richin saturated fats and carbohydrates are less expensive when compared to whole grains and fiber.Thus, low socioeconomic status is another factor. In addition, spending more screen time inwatching television or playing games in mobiles and laptops are also linked to obesity as theylead to a sedentary lifestyle (Colls and Evans 2014).Answer 2Most residential community planning in Australia follow the community health andwellbeing strategic plans. Planners play an important role in shaping a residential environmentthat promotes the wellbeing of the residents. The planning authorities look after properinstallation of sewerage systems, garbage disposal, and create provisions for providinguncontaminated and safe drinking water supply to all residents. Concurrent with improvedtransport network, the community planners advocate for designs that separate the residentialbuildings from highly polluting industrialized zones (Omran 2005). Efforts are being adopted bysome planning organizations to create spaces that will support residents to engage in physical
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