Foley Family Wines: Corporate Brand and Market Strategy


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Question- Is this a corporate brand, or product range brand?
Answer- Brand Information
The entity Foley Family Wines was established in the USA in the year 1996 which is
currently controlled by the businessman Bill Foley. The entity is listed in the New Zealand as
a public listed company on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and has registered head office
at Blenheim. The brand is a corporate brand and is registered under the Companies Act, 1193.
The brand is chief producer, marketer as well as the distributor of handmade and highly
commended wine brands such as Vavasour, Te Kairanga, Martinborough Vineyards, Grove
Mill, Lighthouse Gin and Mt Difficulty.
Question- If there are more than one brand in the portfolio, draw or describe the brand
Answer- Brand Portfolio
The following pictures describes the brand portfolio, which constitutes its 12 major

Thus, it is evident from the pictures above, that the brand has a comprehensive
portfolio with varied range of the products to offer.
Question- What countries do they currently sell in?
Answer- Market Information
Global marketing is a vital aspect of the modern businesses wherein the companies
adjust their marketing strategies to adapt to the varied conditions of different countries. Thus,
the global marketing strategy involves being responsive towards the market conditions and
the variances in the preferences of the customers. The brand is widely known and sells its
products mainly in the markets of Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and some parts of the
world. The entity supplies various brands through its five wineries and distillery, across three
acclaimed regions (Foley Family Wines, 2019). As per the latest data published in the interim
annual report of the entity for the year 2019, the total exports for the entity during the period
accounted a growth of 46.8 percent from the previous year. In addition, it must be noted that
the company has been consistently entering into strategic partnerships.
Question- With respect to their current overall markets, describe the competitive
groups with which they compete? This is likely to be market groups rather than
individual producers.
Answer- Competitor Groups
The following segment lists the chief competitor groups of the entity Foley Family
Wines. The top competitors of the entity are the Karl Strauss, Epic Wines & Spirits, Total
Beverage Solution, Majestic Wine and Spirits, Puerto De Indias, The Prisoner Wine

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