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Added on - Mar 2020

BIT-200 - This report outlines the Internet Usage Policy in depth. This report clearly defines the guidelines for the Internet Usage policy of organizations. It talks about the authorized and prohibited users. This report also gives an effective guideline for usage of Internet in an organization. It also gives a brief outline on the steps and criteria for developing an internet usage policy.

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Research Report TemplateInternet Usage PolicyStudent NameStudent NumberE-mail AddressABSTRACTThe main focus of this report is to analyze the security vulnerabilities and threats. This reportdetermines the appropriate control measures to minimize or eliminate the security risk. Itdiscusses about the security policy that is used by the organizations in order to protectthemselves from any security threats. The policy gives the guidelines, rules and regulations thatmust be obeyed by the employees for the welfare of the organization. This report covers theInternet Usage Policy of organizations and also sets a guideline for the effective usage ofInternet Usage Policy in an organization.Keywords:Internet Usage PolicyBenefits of Internet Usage PolicyGuidelines for effective usage of Internet Usage PolicySecurity Policy
INTRODUCTIONSecurity policies can be defined as set of rules and regulations that is obeyed by organizations inorder to protect the organization from any type of harm. Every organization follows a set ofpolicies that can be used to protect the organization from security issues.An Internet Usage Policy can be defined as a type of control. This policy controls what theemployees of an organization can access by using the internet. It also protects the users fromany content that would affect the users in a wrong way.This report outlines the Internet Usage Policy in depth. This report clearly defines the guidelinesfor the Internet Usage policy of organizations. It talks about the authorized and prohibited users.This report also gives an effective guideline for usage of Internet in an organization.LITERATURE REVIEWSecurity PolicySecurity policies are set of norms and regulations that are used for protecting information of anindividual, community or a company (Banuri et al. 2012). This policy lays down rules that are tobe obeyed by the employees of an organization. Every organization follows different securitypolicies as per their requirements. Violation of these rules and regulations leads to penalty. Thesecurity policies are responsible for addressing the constraints on the conduct of the employeesof an organization (Alam and Zhang 2012). Security is a crucial factor in the present generationof Internet. Every organization must obey it in order to protect itself from any kind of harm.Internet Usage PolicyIn this era of information and communication technology, every organization needs the access toInternet for running the business. Internet Usage Policy is a set of guidelines that restricts theaccess of internet for all the employees working in the organization (Bayuk et al. 2012). It makessure that the internet is used only for the purpose of business purpose. The following servicesare allowed over the Internet in an organization:Sending files and documents for the use of business via File Transfer Protocol.Send or receive emails.Management has the control of allowing the employees to access certain services andrestrict the usage of other services.Need of Internet Usage PolicyIt has been seen that the unmonitored usage of internet in an organization affects theorganization in several ways:Productivity: Surfing different websites that are of no use to the business causes loss ofproductivity (Berger 2014). Employees will get involved in unprofessional activities andharm the business.Virus: Downloading unwanted files and documents affects the system with viruses. Thiswill harm the system resulting in loss of important data.
Inappropriate content: Surfing inappropriate content over the internet causes seriousissues in the work environment. It hampers the ethics of the employees of a company.Transferring unencrypted business data causes serious insecurity to the business. If thesensitive data of a business is lost then it will harm the business in several manners(Cheng et al. 2013). The competitors can gain access to such information and outperformthe company.The above mentioned issues require an organization to use the Internet Usage Policy.PolicyResource Usage: Based on the job description and role of an employee, they will bepermitted to use the internet only for the purpose of business (Choyi and Vinokurov2012). Change of unit of an employee to a non internet usage job will disallow theemployee form accessing the internet.Allowed Usage: acceptable use of internet will include certain activities likecommunicating between employees for the purpose of work, downloading essentialsoftware, reviewing vendor websites, finding technical information and to carry outresearch.Personal Usage: Using the company’s internet for private use will lead to serioustroubles that can even cause termination of the employee (Gouflidis, Mayridis and Hu2014). Users should store their personal data at their own risk. All companies create anaudit log that reflects the out-bound and in-bound addresses for the purpose of periodicalreview.Prohibited Usage: Dissemination, storage and acquisition of data that is illegal andinappropriate is prohibited (Ifinedo 2012). The company also prohibits the access to anykind of political related information and fraudulent activities. Employees must be accesssensitive information related to the company and misuse it.Software License: Company adheres strictly to the license agreement that is providedby the vendor.Public Information Review: Directories those are publicly writeable are reviewed andalso cleared every evening (Neisse, Steri and Baldini 2014). This also prevents theanonymous information exchange.Periodical Review: To be sure about the compliance with all policies, there is a reviewconducted on a monthly basis (Orr et al. 2012). Reviews are also conducted to checkthe effectiveness of the usage.Criteria for Internet Usage PolicyThere are certain criteria that must be maintained in order to have a successful Internet usagePolicy. The policy must be adaptable to any kind of change in the company (Knaap and Ferrante2012). It must be flexible to meet the goals of the organizations. The policy that is adopted mustalways be enforceable (Ouedraogo, Bienner and Ghodous 2012). The policy should not behidden and must help the employees to remember about their activities and also the implicationsif they break any rule.Steps for developing an Internet Usage Policy

This report concludes that the Internet Usage Policy is very effective for the proper functioning of a company. A code of conduct is followed by obeying this policy of using the internet. Internet usage in an organization must be restricted otherwise it hampers the productivity of the company in a severe way.

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