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Internship Experience Report

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Added on  2021-06-15

Internship Experience Report

   Added on 2021-06-15

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INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE REPORTShree Narmada Khand Udyog SahakariMandli Ltd.Submitted by:Name: Dhruv PatelStudent ID: 18109775Supervisor: Anjan Kumar SinghInternship Start Date: 28th November 2016Internship End Date: 24th February 2017
Internship Experience Report_1
INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE REPORT: WEEK 1Name: Dhruv PatelStart date: 28th November 2016 Company: Shree Narmada Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandli LtdHours worked: 40 hrs.Principal supervisor: Anjan Kumar SinghThis week I spent time on three main activities:Orientation on the overallcompanyOrientation at the milldepartmentGetting familiar with the millingmachineryBeing an orientation week, I spent most of the week at the factory. I took advantage of theopportunity given by my supervisor at this company, Mr. Anjan Kumar Singh, who took time to take me round the factory introducing me to his colleagues. Going around the factory, I realized that the factory was divided into five sections called departments such as the administration department, the finance department, cane department, chemical department and the mechanical department. At this factory, the extraction of the sugarcane juice takes place at the milling department using the milling machinery (Cordeiro, et al. 2016). There are huge rooms with massive machines, a characteristic expectation from a factory of this size. I have heard about sugary factories and learnt more about them. However, I have never had a chance of a real and practical experience of what it takes to have a sugar factory. It was, therefore, my first time in a real sugar factory and there was a lot to observe and learn. The experience here reflects the importance of internships in such institutions as a learning process because the real environment and practicality of what they learn and train for become real. The specifications of the machines are one thing that I observed on this week. The cane unloaderhadacapacityof5mtSWL.ItstypewastheE.O.T,outdoor, three-motion. The cane unloader hoisted
Internship Experience Report_2
cane into the milling system through the feeder table. Most of the work at this stage is done by the machines. I was, however, amazed by how the human effort was effectively complemented by the computer, or machinery performances within the various plants in these sections of the factory. I had a chance to be at the operators’ room where the operators keep watching to make sure that all systems are working simultaneously. As I can report today, my interest to move to the next stage of the factory processes in the following weeks increased my learning experience as I asked and involved the many engineers I meet within the factory. On each day of the week I got to learn the different stages that cane undergoes before it is finally sugar. Each day this week I spent the first 1.5 hours following one of the process engineers around, first to their shift handover meeting and then when they walked around the plants. They didn’t seem to use much chemical engineering theory, but they did need good people and communication skills. I kept taking notes of the machines that I came across and their duties.
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INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE REPORT: WEEK 2Name:Dhruv PatelStart date: 5th December 2016 Company: Shree Narmada Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandli LtdHours worked: 40 hrs.Principal supervisor: Anjan Kumar SinghThis week I spent time on one main activity:Learning where the cane comesfromThere were some differences in the second week of my internship in the factory. I was going to learn about cane before it comes to the factory. My supervisor, Anjan Kumar Singh, emphasized the need to understand what cane is and where it all began. There was literature to read that was available at the factory’s library. I then visited the cane research department. This is where researchers are busy finding better cane varieties better than what is available. Research and development is critical to any industry and by a greater extent, to any factory (Sharma & Vishwakarma, 2014). It helps the company to understand the dynamics of the market, the product valuation and enhancements, as well as the best performing canes for increased production of sugar from the factory.From there I visited a trial farm where the factory tries out the varieties they have come up with. The factory also researches of best fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides for maximum production of crop I also had an opportunity to visit the farms and see where the trucks have been bringing the tons of cane from. It was interesting to see the vast pieces of land on cane as well as see the machinery that harvests cane at work. This week I got to learn about cane from
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planting, caring for the plant up toharvesting.
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INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE REPORT: WEEK 3Name: Dhruv PatelStart date: 12th December 2016 Company: Shree Narmada Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandli LtdHours worked: 40 hrs.Principal supervisor: Anjan Kumar SinghThis week I spent time on two main activities:Orientation at the water purificationplantActual machinerepairDuring this week, I realized that there is a lot of water being used in the factory. The fact that sugar is a food product the water used here must be very clean, and this is what was happening at the water purification plant stage. This factory has five water purification plants. Atthe time of my internship one of the plants had broken down, thus necessitating the need for the actual machine repairs and maintenance. My supervisor told me that he was not going to assign me a duty jet but I would take the opportunity to interact with other engineers that were working on the purification plant to have it come back to operation. I got to meet each of the engineers and understand their roles and learnt that this at every stage, there are engineers stationed performing their duties each and every one of them. However, the most interesting thing was how they coordinated in their work, working under the supervision of their team leaders. It is the team leaders that would take the round the water purification plant explaining to me the various stages that water goes through. He also introducedme to the machinery at this plant. After the orientation, I was given a brief on the machine that had broken down. I was informed of the diagnosis that theengineers had made and the steps theyare taking to fix the system. The work lasted some three days and it was great to part of the team that saw the return to normalcy of this system.
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