Business Development Internship Assignment

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Running Head:INTERNSHIP JOURNAL1Internship Journal (20 Hours)Business Development InternshipName -Kishankumar PatelCompany Name – Bargains GroupI have been a Market Marketing Intern at Bargains Company, Toronto. The first day of aninternship appears to be very challenging when any person of an organization, thus, does nothave time to print temporary reports to guide me to work. On the first day the job with our ownbusiness was given to read the appraisal software. My supervisor was named Gargi who gave methe book which had all data of our company like competitors, products details, prices of productsetc. which I had already read on website. It was exciting to see all these forms as well as thedocuments that this organization uses since it made me remember audit procedures I used tolearn in school as well as their application. After that she told me to make word file of ourcompany products, competitors, details of our competitors, growth of our company and whichethics would be great to develop marketing and business. On the same week, I received the filesof one of their big customers from my mentor.
INTERNSHIP JOURNAL2Actually, I thought this would be tiresome, but this part was more interesting than Ithought. In spite of having the basic knowledge about the fundamentals of audit, documents andfiles of the audit gave me more clarification and explanation about how auditing process is donein big organization.I was also requested by my client to review the final drafts of the financial statementswhich the organization was planning to give to their clients. I felt very good as I am interested intask. I was assigned to analyze the cash flow statements, the retained earnings statement, balancesheet and the income statement. I was also responsible auditing the statements and makecorrection if needed. During this process, I discovered that there were numerical errors in tworeports. I was appreciated for pointing out these mistakes as this was the final drafts which wereto be submitted to clients. She was not expecting from me that I could figure out any mistake.Learning outcomes:The GAAP Manual I learned during my audit procedure and the audit handbook Icould appreciate.I have an opportunity to learn how to record audit work documents, categorizeaudit work documents and how to register audit documents.I have known how to take a stance and review the accounting statements forerrors.Learnt how to check for the current numbers in the audit files.Day 2On the second day I took the file of auditing and I revised it then I requested the managerof audit to give me some work to do. The audit manager gave me a management letter which I
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