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Internship ReportOnWhat factors create customer satisfactionand how to further improve those factors?A Case of Pizza Hut Pukekohe
DATA ANALYSIS AND RESULTSIn a research, data analysis and result finding is regarded as one of the mostsignificant aspects to accomplish the objective of the study. The essence of doing therespective research study is to attain the appropriate analysing and evaluation of the findingswhich are gathered through the primary and secondary data sources. For the present work, thechief role of the researcher is to examine the Pizza Hut in regards to its hospitalityundertaking. For this, the customer satisfaction has been chosen as the right way to undertakeeffective study through the products and services being provided by the cited firm. For this,thematic analysis technique which is sub part of qualitative analysis method has been chosen.Here, the results are procured by seeking the questionnaire which is surveyed from 50customers and 50 employees of the Pizza hut. The responses from combined 100 respondentsare analysed by using techniques such as pie chart, bar graphs etc to present the briefanalysis.Demographic profileFrequencyPercentValidPercentCumulativePercentGenderMale4040.040.040.0Female6060.060.0100.0Total100100.0100.0Age20-25 years2020.020.020.026-30 years4545.045.065.031-35 years2525.025.090.035 years andabove1010.010.0100.0Total100100.0100.0OrganisationallevelTop level6060.060.060.0Middle level4040.040.0100.0Total100100.0100.0Thematic AnalysisTheme 1: Customer’ssatisfaction results in developing loyalty in enhancing company’ssuccess and profitability.Results:
RESPONSESFREQUENCYYes65No35TOTAL100YesNo0102030405060706535Customer’s satisfaction results in developing loyalty in enhancingcompany’s success and profitability.FrequencyAnalysis and Findings:From the data gathered from primary and secondary sources, it has been analysed thatcustomer’ssatisfaction results in developing loyalty in enhancing company’s success andprofitability. At Pizza Hut, the viewpoint of respondents demonstrate that alike everycompany, this firm also has some goals to accomplish. In that regards, the responses procuredshows that 65% respondents feel positive towards the notion while there are 35% who stillshows negative response. There are people who felt that customer does not seek much towhat company needs to proceed towards. However, on majority response, it is analysed thatto make customer feel satisfied is directly proportional to company’s image and loyalty(Carpenter,Sanders & Harling, 2012).Theme 2:There are various factors such as attentiveness, helpfulness andresponsiveness that contribute in customer satisfaction.Results:RESPONSESFREQUENCY
Attentiveness20Helpfulness10Responsiveness10Above all60TOTAL100There are various factors such as attentiveness, helpfulness and responsivenessthat contribute in customer satisfactionAttentivenessHelpfulnessResponsivenessAbove allAnalysis and Findings:From the data collected through different means, it is found that20% of respondents support attentiveness as factor contributing in customer satisfaction.Similarly, there are 10% who feels being responsive behaviour leads to the same but there are10% who support helpful as the another factor. However, on seeking majority response, it isfound that 60% respondents believe all three factors contributing in customer satisfaction. Itshows that people behave differently in acquiring the major customer satisfaction (Arora,2013). Apart from using various initiatives to gain their attention, they must work onbehaviour development.Theme 3:Increasing competition is the most crucial factor responsible for affecting thecustomer satisfaction at Pizza Hut.Results:RESPONSESFREQUENCY
Increasing competition50Availability of closesubstitutes15High pricing policy of thebusiness10Negative attitude of theemployees towardscustomers20Non-availability of theservices or products5TOTAL100123450102030405060Increasing competition is the most crucial factor responsible foraffecting the customer satisfaction at Pizza Hut.RESPONSESFREQUENCYAnalysis and Findings:In order to assess the most crucial factor that is responsible foraffecting the customer satisfaction at Pizza Hut, there are various factors are being assessed.From the primary data collected, there are 50% respondents who stated increasingcompetition as the important factor. However, there are also other crucial factors such asavailability of close substitute, high pricing policy, and negative attitude of people, nonavailability of products which are equally suggested as 15%, 10%, 20% and 5% respectively.It is analysed that due to rising competition, Pizza Hut is not able to cope up with the variousaspects such as managing price issue, products availability and contentment level of
customers. This in turn has direct impact on satisfaction level of the customers (Cohen &, 2006).Theme 4: Adopting customer oriented approach by Pizza Hut will help to deal it withincreasing market competition.Results:RESPONSESFREQUENCYYes65No25Can’t say10TOTAL100Adopting customer oriented approach by Pizza Hut will help to deal it withincreasing market competition.YesNoCan’t sayAnalysis and Findings:From the above theme, the efforts are laid to analyse the response ofadopting the customer oriented approach by Pizza Hut that helps to deal with increasingmarket competition. This approach represents the ways through which customers are focusedin respect of their viewpoint of adopting various benefits that are in their favour. Thisincludes ways through which Pizza Hut can work out in its quality and company’s image inenhancing ways to deal with market competition (Carnall, 2002). This is ascertained with theresponses derived such as 65% response which is towards the narration and 25% which isagainst. However, there are 10% respondents who cannot say anything about the same.Theme 5: There are various factors that helpin the creation of customer satisfactionlevel at the Pizza Hut.
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