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Educ9522 Intervention Students PDF

Added on - 07 Oct 2021

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Running head: INTERVENTION
Intervention for Students with Literacy Difficulties
Name of the Student:
Name of the University:
Author’s Note:
1.With a focus on literacy, briefly summarise what the student already understands,
knows, and can do.
It can be said that Ethan is a boy who is of a very cooperative nature and knows the
importance of taking the class assessments. He understands the importance of appearing for all
the class assessments. Ethan is however weak in the verbal and the non verbal skills. He shows a
good knowledge in the visual capabilities. In other words, Ethan was good in observing pictures
or any other thing that appealed to his eyes or other visual senses. So, Ethan already knows how
to identify the picture from the given set and find out their common characteristics. Ethan was
friendly and careful with his words while he spoke with others. He knows how to perform the
tasks quickly that are related to the visual or the picture representation. However at the same
time, he has lot of problems in the verbal or the nonverbal literacy skills.
2.What does the student need to be taught next e.g.,how to write a paragraph?
Ethan has to be taught the verbal and the non verbal literacy skills. The
teachers must take the advantage of his cooperative and friendly nature. He can be engrossed in
some group discussion or some outdoor sessions. This will help Ethan to open up and speak with
his peers. In order to help Ethan to develop his reading skills, the words and the meaning must be
taught by teaching an extract from any text. This will help him to remember the words and the
meanings of the same. The outdoor real life activities are also one of the good sources to teach
him the reading and writing skills.
Ethan must be taught how to take dictations and write long paragraphs. This has been noted by
the teachers of Ethan that he has the ability of writing some simple words. However as soon S
He is able to understand some words that rhyme and are simple for him to understand. However
he has some difficulty in writing the words that is not familiar with him. He also has some
problem in writing long sentences. He has also asked to repeat the long sentences a he have
problems in memorizing the long sentences. So, I will try to take up easy paragraphs from
lessons that will help me in developing the memorization skills within Ethan.
3.Record yourexplicit learning intention.One explicit intention that is a SMART goal
To help Ethan learn the verbal and non verbal literacy skills within a comfortable environment
To be able to make Ethan come out of his difficulties and anxiety in solving the mathematical
To help Ethan gain a good level of confidence by teaching him the easy and suitable lessons of
his age
S-I will like to teach Ethan the specific goal of taking dictation and retaining the long
words in mind. This is a specific goal.
M- It is also measurable because as a teacher I can keep a track of the number of days in
which Ethan will be able to learn this skill. Ethan will be able to learn this skill within a
A-This goal is attainable as Ethan will be able to learn this skill with the proper help of
his teachers and his family members.
R- This strategy is rare because Ethan has the habit of studying books above his own
class level.
T- This goal will be attained within the specific amount if time that is a time span of 30
4.Teaching Program
Insert here,using the proforma below, records of8 X 30 minute sessionsthat fully
describe the intended content.
Includefully referenced resources(if used).
Question: Do your session notes pass the Outsider Test?
Session notes should have enough detail so that another teacher could readily take over
the session and know exactly what you planned to do.
Session number:1
Session objective:
What do you want
the student to know
and be able to do by
the end of this
To teach Ethan the simple words and word meanings through excerpts
of easy and understandable texts of 1st grade standard.
I will make a thorough note the strengths and the weaknesses present
within Ethan. Apart from his one has to pay good importance on the
already developed qualities present within Ethan.
As he likes swimming, he must be taught lessons based on water sports
or swimming that will help him in understanding and memorizing
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