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INTRODUCTIONIntranetis a computer network which utilizes Internet Protocol technology to transfer andexchange files within corporation. It also provides effective security during the file transmission(Dumitrescu, 2013). The present file explains the feature of Intranet in the firm. Further, itintroduces some theories like I- space, Double-loop learning and Dreyfus model to install andsuggest Intranet in the organization. In addition, it also represents the challenges andrecommendation of Intranet to solve problem in the corporation. It defines business intelligencewhich are used for Human resource functions in the firm. Further, it reveals various aspects likesales area and find out location of consumers for Taxi Company in the nation.Features of IntranetThere are many features of Intranet which provides huge help the firm to manage thetechnical and managerial operations in the nation. These thing can aid the enterprise to buildeffective Intranet in the premises (Jones and Sallis, 2013). Intranet also contribute effective role toanalyse information very fast in the internal network. It also reduces searching time of files withhelp of proper management of information in the server. This tool also provides content and rankingfacility to mark the important content which are beneficial information for the firm by installing thisfacility. This tool also helps the organization to improve its efficiency in the working style. Intranetplays most important role to share files between users with proper security in the firm (Eisenhauer,2014). It also offer various opportunities to upload various types of data in the server which areimportant for corporation to handle its technical and managerial operations. Intranet software allowsfor the appropriate management which can be managed by staff members and managers in theenterprise. This approach also help the organization to make smart decisions by installing thisservice. Intranet also provide huge reliability to know about the employees. Generally, it storesemployee’s profiles in the server which can be assessed easily by managers in the organization. Thistools also render mobility facility in the corporation. This thing contribute effective role to connectthe Laptops and mobiles from the Intranet of company. This way, enterprise can get manyadvantages to manage operations of firm by installing the Intranet (Walters and, 2016).Organization can also install Intranet software with help of following theories like Double-loop learning, Dreyfus and I- space model. These things can give reliability to build this type ofenvironment in the firm.Dreyfus ModelThis model can also help the firm to implement features of Intranet in a appropriate manner.This approach is divided in five parts like, novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient as well
as expert. These steps contribute effective role to reduce problems like waiting time of employeesand return mail in the organization. In addition, company can easily enable of all feature of Intranet.These things aid the firm to improve the efficiency in the market. IT consultant can use Dreyfusmodel to reduce these errors which are occurred in organizational premises (Boss, 2015). There isalso reason to use this model in this organization. Mainly it gives effective progress fordevelopment of better abilities to install this Intranet software. It also aids the firm to reach desiredlevel of competence in the nation.(Source: Crawford, 2013)To implement this activity, Expert follows the rules and regulations which is necessary toinstall Intranet in the organization perfectly. These thing also aids management of company toinstall feature of this software. Generally, IT managers has no idea to execute this activities. Hence,IT consultant follows these step to build effective Intranet. This process come under novice part.Then after, company uses advanced beginner step in its premises (Crawford, 2013). IT expert givesequal importance for all type of work which are necessary to build Intranet as per its features in theorganization. In next competent step, IT manager formulates its planning to install this Intranet infirm. Person makes its routines to get its goals in the organization. After this step, company usesproficient step to install the Intranet. IT consultant gets so much information to build Intranetenvironment in the enterprise. As per its features, IT manager prioritize its tasks to solve waitingtime of employees and mail returns in the organization. Person also provides effective guidance toother employees to perform their job in the corporation in order to install the this tool (Barnes,Illustration1: Dreyfus Model
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