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Intranets and Business Intelligence : Report

Added on -2019-09-19

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1INTRANETS- MUTUALLY INSPIRING EMPLOYEES AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEIntroductionThe systematic environment gets changed when the organization's learning from individuals getschanged or interpreted from the learning from an adult. Many theorists have suggested that withthe learning of an individual, the organization also learns. The web technology's use by theorganization in the form of networks of private knowledge and the intranet form is now gettingvery obvious and ubiquitous, but the individuals are still unknown as to how this use oftechnology can make them think better and in a more innovative way and manner. In this essay,we will be discussing how the learning for an organization can get enhanced and also thedifferent ways in which the technology like intranet can be put to use for making the learningculture of an organization more effective.DiscussionLearning OrganizationLearning organization as a term was coined by Peter Senge. In a learning organization, thecomplete environment of the organization is learning environment. It should be in tune with theorganization’s goals. The people who want to create their results with full capacity and wherethey want to expand continually, Learning organization is the right place for them. It gives themthe chance and freedom to nurture their creative thinking and set their aspirations free. As wewere discussing above, use of technology like intranet enables an organization to facilitatesharing of knowledge among members of the organization (Baldwin, M., 2016). The usermember’s group can easily share this knowledge with the users as the knowledge is explicit. Butit is a well-known fact that the knowledge within the minds of the users are stored in theknowledge management tools and it is only the end user that will put some sense over the
2INTRANETS- MUTUALLY INSPIRING EMPLOYEES AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEmessages and data over the intranet by using their knowledge of tacit. Some Features that can beadded to the Organization’s Intranet are like firstly, to improve the productivity in theorganization, the employees should be given the access to almost all the information and toolsthey need to perform everyday tasks. Some of the information and the tools which can beprovided to the employees can be latest discussions updated news, relevant tasks, documents,Emails, latest meetings, and events. Secondly, regarding managing the communications betweenthe management and employees, Intranet can facilitate beneficially. This is because, in anorganization, the main tool for the employees to share their information is Intranet. There arevarious benefits an intranet can provide to the organization like Advertising new policies andinitiatives, important announcements can be published, employees can be rewarded based onmerit basis, many feedbacks can be collected by way of suggestions and surveys. Thirdly, Organizational Processes are streamlined. It has been seen that the intranets nowadaysare having the real tools which are used in the organization by all employees. Thus theemployees should be given the access to use the actual tools to commensurate the process andend it with greater efficiency. Intranets should be put to use for processes like appraising ofemployees to processes like project management and CRM. Furthermore, it can be an incentiveto collaborate as intranets should have certain tools embedded in them which should enable theemployees to socialize and collaborate. The use of intranet should not only be limited toaccessing the information but also to work together in groups inside the intranet software. Thisnetworking facilities can help the employees to discover competencies and skills of colleaguesand to keep aside the hierarchy biases in the organization. And lastly, management of knowledgeinside the organization means retrieving, capturing and organizing the information inside theorganization (Hitt, W.D., 2013).With the help of all the information and tools inside the

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