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INTRAOPERATIVE NURSING CARERoles and Responsibilities of 3 operating room Nurses in maintaining patient safety during Intraoperative periods1
Definition2Period of time when the patient is transferred to the operating table to when they are admitted to the post anesthesia unit. Steve is diagnosed with recto-sigmoid carcinoma and he is prepared for an anterior resection+/-temporary ileostomy. The three operating room nurses need to take care of him prior and after his operation
Roles and responsibilities3During Steve’s surgery, the three operating room nurses ‘anesthetist, scrub nurse and circulating nurse’ roles and responsibilities are:Maintain aseptic environment (Luck & Gillespie, 2017)To maintain safetyTransfer the patient to operating room or tableMake sure that the instrument count is correctComplete documentation of the patientTo position the patient in correct alignment (Bengtsson, Johansson & Englund, 2016)

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