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Running head: BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGYBusiness Research MethodologyName of StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODOLOGY1.Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experienceThe learning process has been a learning one since I have learnt quite a few things. I was notaware of the different aspects of the research topic. The topic of cloud computing was acompletely new topic for me. I did a lot of background research on the research topic and got toknow the uniqueness of the topic. I have also learnt the attributes of a good research paper,which would not be learnt otherwise. I have also learnt the aspect of group work in my researchwork, which would be effective in my future professional life too. When I would be venturinginto my professional world, then I would be supposed to do team work. I need to work well withpeople and need to learn the different aspects of team work. I have also enhanced my knowledgebase on the topic, which has contributed to my overall development of skills. This has createdvalue to my learning experience and I would apply these learning in my future professional life.2.Explain how this learning process will be useful to youThe learning process would be useful to my future career. When I would be venturing intofuture professional life or would take up a higher education course, then this learning experiencewould matter a lot for me. If I enroll myself into a post-doctorate program, then I need to knowabout the research structure and how to perform a particular research. This course assignmenthas given me the experience about how to implement a proper research proposal. I amknowledgeable about the exact content of a proposal and know what I should include in them.When I would be venturing into the future corporate world, then I should have a solid foundationof the theory as well as should know how to perform in a group. I have learnt these aspects whiledoing this course. In my life, I would also imbibe the principles of patience and perseverance,which I have gathered through this course.
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