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Product Overview
According to various global reports, sports viewership around the globe has increasingly
grown from the last decade, mainly attributable to the increased technological advancement in
the sports sector. A number of companies offer these sporting activities through both online
streaming and offline (use of set boxes) viewership. Besides, the firms within this sector have
undoubtedly reaped huge amounts of profits due to the increased number of subscribers, and the
increased sporting events around the world. Therefore, to tap into the vibrant industry, I seek to
modify Netflix services to ensure that the company offers sporting services. Just like the movie
services, the company will be able to offer sports' streaming to its millions of subscribers across
the globe. Hence, by offering sports streaming, its subscribers would not only have a range of
movies to watch but also stream various sporting activities in real-time. Therefore, by providing
these services, Netflix would modify its operations to adopt sports services.
Netflix company is considered to be the world's successful streaming company that
distributes TV shows and movies of different languages and genres to over 140 million
subscribers to close to 200 countries around the globe. The company mainly creates its movie
contents. Besides, it partners with other movie producers to gain rights to distribute their
programs and contents. The company primarily operates in three segments, that is the domestic
streaming (United States), international streaming, and the domestic DVD (Netflix. (n.d.).Even
though the company has been in operation for quite some time and has increasingly increased its
number of subscribers, a more substantial part of its customer base still feels the company should
offer more services. One of these services is introducing live sports streaming. Since the
company only provides movie streaming, some of its subscribers are forced to subscribe to other
streaming channels to enable them to keep up with the numerous sporting activities across the
globe. This has been a burden to both movie and sports lovers who have to dig deep into their
pockets to get full entertainment. Hence, Netflix Sports would help reduce the burden offering
the two streaming services under one site and at an affordable rate compared to separate
subscriptions. I believe the introduction of Netflix Sports into the market, both the domestic and
international market, would be quite a relief to most of its customer base.
SWOT Analysis of the Product
Conducting a SWOT analysis would effectively help in identifying the Strengths and
weaknesses of the product and the key strengths that would enable the company to overcome its
shortcomings. Besides, the analysis would help in identifying the opportunities in the market that
the company could take advantage of to help mitigate the possible threats in the market
(Phadermrod, Crowder & Wills, 2019).
Netflix is a highly valued brand
around the globe.
Capacity to partner with giant sports
content providers.
Large platform for content consumers.
Netflix Inc. strong customer
experience and relations.
Imitable business brand and content
Dependency on other sports producers.
Dependency on local internet service
Product diversity and growth.
Increased internationalization.
Increased technological advancement,
such as the development of 5G
A large number of potential new
Rivalry from existing sports streaming
Increased rates of Cybercrime.
Threat from cheaper competitor
Strengths: Netflix Sport's primary strength is the highly valued Netflix brand in the
global market. Hence, an introduction of the new product would undoubtedly receive an
overwhelming number of new subscribers. Besides, the high-value brand would enable Netflix
Sports services to favorably compete with the giant sports companies such as Sky Sports, BT
Sports, Bein Sports, and NBC Sports (Reisinger, 2020).The company's increased customer base
would enable the new service to quickly penetrate the market and attract a substantial number of
viewership, both from existing and new subscribers. Moreover, Netflix Inc.'s financial strength
enables the company to strike deals with corporate sports producers, thus enabling the company
to gain streaming rights. With the strong relationship between Netflix Inc. and its customers,
leading to improved customer experience, the new service is likely to receive overwhelming
Weaknesses: Netflix has a weak business model that can easily be imitated by other
content producers and service providers. Therefore, Netflix Sports services would be easily
imitated by other firms, thus leading to increased competition due to the threat of new entrants.
Besides, since the sports services would primarily depend on different service producers, the
Netflix Sports services would likely be affected by the strategies of the content producers or
disruption of their businesses. Additionally, the subscribers to the Netflix Sports streaming
services largely depend on the internet service providers within their locality. Hence, the
ineffectiveness of these internet providers would also affect the company's sports streaming
Opportunities:there exist various opportunities in the sports streaming that the company
can use to its advantage to help increase the popularity of Netflix Sports. Product diversification
strategies of the company would effectively help in marketing the new product to its potential
customers. Besides, increased technological advancements would ensure that sports streaming
services are efficient enough to provide improved customer experience. Since Netflix has
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