Alternative Approaches in Nursing Profession


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Introduction1Section A1Section B2Section C3Section D3Conclusion4References5IntroductionThe paper is a commentary on the profession of Nursing and relates it to the societal side. Thepaper is divided into four sections, where Section A is a reflection on the alternative approachesof Nursing, followed by Section B that speaks on the assessment of a colleague. The third sectioncontains a self-assessment of personal approach toward society and the fourth section is an essaypiece on the social responsibility of nursing.Section AI have always considered my nursing technique to fall under holistic nursing. Hence, I considermyself to be a holistic nurse. I have been in the department of oncology for a period of more thanone decade and I would like to think that I have always followed an alternative well-beingtechnique for my patients that actually falls beyond the diagnosis and treatment. This would leadme to ask them about their families, their coping strategy, and how they have shaped their careerand also about their future; this would also let me give me an insight of how they actually got
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diagnosed with cancer. This helps me to understand how self-care is an essential element inholistic nursing (Campaign for Action, n.d.).Once I attended a session on Reiki and though to pass on the same to my patients; nowhere,Reiki is just more than a healing technique that transfers energy from one person to another. Itenables communication between the nurse and the patients that will actually divert them from theillness itself and healing will take place in a more holistic process. This also enables a two-waycommunication process among the nurses and the patients. It is very necessary to spend more time within the community that is being served. In this, I willbe able to learn as much as possible about the serving population and will help me to bring thesame knowledge to the patients’ experiences. This also needs to take a cultural assessment(Sibbald, 2004).When it comes to viewing behaviors within such a context, it is more about perception thananything else. This happens as the patient whom we are treating might not be responding well totreatment; the reason may stem from a past-life experience or traditional beliefs. And theincorporation of the knowledge is an evolving process and will take time. Once gathered, weneed to include them into the company's vision statement and patient engagement efforts.Section BOne of my colleagues has put the cause ‘supporting a diversity of nursing professional to propereffect. It has been seen nursing has witnessed a large diversity when it comes to talking aboutraces, color, sexual orientation etc. And Sophia Laurens (colleague) has embraced it quitepositively. The foremost thing needed here is to show a cooperating behavior and acceptability;not only Sophia has guided the new nurses of African nationality into new procedures of thenursing home but also has helped them to perform well in their allotted tasks. There have alsobeen instances when Sophia was present during their operational tasks and guided them properly.Beside this, there is a nurse who is a transgender and had to face a lot of issues when she came
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